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Barware Nove, Vetreria Salviati, Venice

Barware Nove

The glasses collection Barware Nove by the Venetian Vetreria Salviati is back. Nine shapes with six grinded decoration, a traditional technique that becomes contemporary.



2017 marks the returnof the iconic Salviati collections of glasses, which have made the brand famous all over the world thanks to their unique design and  fine craftsmanship.

Every piece stands out for its refined, contemporary style. The six different decorations made by grinding range from simple geometric patterns to elegant tiny hammered effects. The collection is composed of nine types of glasses: Water and Wine, Flute, Port, Vodka, DOF, Tall Drink, Martini, Grappa.

Eight of the glasses types are decidedly international but one, the Grappa, declares the brand’s Italian roots.

Barware Nove
Manufacturer: Salviati
Year: 2017