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Sandra Barclay & Jean Pierre Crousse, Site Museum of Paracas Culture, National Reserve of Paracas, Ica, Perú, 2016

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Buildings fused with the surrounding landscape — be it the Peruvian desert or Japanese woods — are the big hit in architecture this month. Design has to offer some very appreciated solutions with wood, from layered colouring to roll-out tables, while the iconic Monobloc chairs comes back at the Vitra Museum. Our followers are interested in important exhibitions on migration in Europe and native artists in America, finally remembering one of the most important figures in contemporary art, Jannis Kounellis. 

– The archeological museum by Barclay & Crousse in Perù features open spaces that frame portions of the landscape and create the necessary privacy to live in the vast desert.

– Reflecting on our sedentary society, RAAAF imagined a possible future where all chairs and sofas will be replaced by more body-friendly pieces of furniture.

– The exhibition at the National Museum of the American Indian explores the exciting and complex realms where fashion meets art, cultural identity, politics and commerce.

– The house by Megumi Matsubara & Hiroi Ariyama in Nagano surrounds and is surrounded by the trees and plants of the forest, with five courtyards that vertically invite light and nature into this house.

– Moisés Hernández studied the stunning feathers of some tropical birds like the Toucan, the Hummingbird and the Mexican Quetzal, and translated into colour shades.

Migration, freedom of movement, reception in the video installation by the two German artists Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani on show at MAXXI in Rome.

– Designed by studio Karawitz in Marly-le-Roy, France, the house blurs the boundaries between private and public with user-friendly rooms that also open onto the outside.

– Tired of adding tables when friends and family would come over, Norwegian designer Marcus Voraa conceived a roll-out table that spans from 1.5 to 4 meters long.

– The Vitra Design Museum narrates the evolution and social impact of the quintessential example of a mass-consumer product: the Monobloc plastic chair by Henry Massonnet.

– Remember Jannis Kounellis with a recent interview, where we are treated to an indomitable and potent cavalcade by one of the most prominent figures in contemporary art, who has always given priority to ethical and civil commitment over his work.

Top: Sandra Barclay & Jean Pierre Crousse, Site Museum of Paracas Culture, National Reserve of Paracas, Ica, Perú, 2016