Unveiling Japanese Design

Nendo curated the exhibition “Hidden – Unveiling Japanese Design”, representing three keywords that best describe Japanese design: behind, inside and before.

Unveiling Japanese Design
Different Japanese designs, if they share this concept to reach down to the back side, have some features in common.
Nendo have found three keywords that they feel describe this attitude best, and chosen the exhibits that represent those keywords very well. Also, they have added some explanations about them. The three keywords are: “behind,” “inside,” and “before.”
Unveiling Japanese Design
"Hidden – Unveiling Japanese Design", at National Design Centre, Singapore. Exhibition view

This exhibition invites participants to see this “behind,” “inside,” and “before” in Japanese designs. Then, they will see that these do not come from some grandiose structure or planning, but the designer’s small considerations and twists.

Post-war Japan has been a country of technology, taking advantage of its high tech. Yet those who design or manufacture products actually give higher priority and meticulous consideration to the user’s behaviors and psychology, than to advanced technologies. Herein lies the essence of Japan’s design and manufacture. Here is the true value of “made in Japan.”

Some say that “Western design is one of addition, while Japan’s is one of deduction.” This is often misunderstood to mean a methodology of “cutting off” elements to the minimal. In fact, it is not cutting off anything. Rather, Japan’s design “covers up” a great diversity of elements without being flashy and with excellent skill. This hiding makes the nation’s designs so attractive.

until October 23, 2014
Unveiling Japanese Design

Exhibition design: Nendo
Organized by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Design Singapore Council
National Design Centre
111 Middle Rd, Singapore

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