Domus América Central March - April 2018

The evolution reflected in each object, under the magnifying glass of those who create, interpret and live. We talk about the topics that interest us as architects, but also as inhabitants of our cities and countries. The architectural object is the center of our conversations and transcends borders. Its impact does not refer only to its immediate surroundings.

issue 42 Central America

Parque la Mexicana, VMA GDU, Mëxico DF, 2018, Photo Jaime Navarro

La Mexicana Park, México DF. VGA and GDU

The park "La Mexicana" is conceived as a public space at the metropolitan level whose main objectives are to attend to the need for recreation and sport of families that improve their quality of life, to return to the city green areas that improve the quality Of the environment and to promote spaces of encounter and harmonious coexistence between the most diverse socio-economic, cultural and ethnic profiles. 

CCP Cartago, Norte Sur Arquitectos, Cartago, Costa Rica, Photo Fernando Alda

Centro Cívico Para la Paz, Cartago Costa Rica. Norte Sur Arquitectos

A CCP is a real and symbolic space with a state presence and an inclusive community meeting where counseling, training and support services are provided to children and young people up to 18 years of age in situations of social vulnerability with the aim of preventing violence, facilitating training citizen and promote social inclusion and peace.

[ANÓNIMO] A 003, Sandra Robles, Panamá, Photo Fernando Alda

[ANÓNIMO] A 003, Arq Sandra Robles, Panamá

The concept of the project is its dynamism, the management of the fluidity of the space and between the spaces, proposing transparency, exposure, achieving direct and indirect connections that provide pure, honest sensations. That language that we can see in its distribution, is transferred to the choice of the materials that fills the rooms.