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David Chipperfield, Steven Holl, Neri & Hu, Focus Earthquake, Stefano Boeri, MADRE/Pompei, Rieber, Formafantasma, Francesco Clemente/Richard Gluckman

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The Blue Chemist

Domus 1021

Cover illustration: The Blue Chemist

Alessandro Chemollo, view of The Basilica di San Marco with the embracing Tetrarchs and the Pietra del Bando column fragment

Archaeology. Meditation over time

What is “original” and “authentic”.
The Basilica di San Marco and the Venetian concept of time. Edited by Adam Lowe & Charlotte Skene Catling

Roy Villevoye, Madonna (After Omoná and Céline), 2008. 164 x 56.5 x 46.5 cm. Collection of the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen, acquisition Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Anthropology. Objects & Beheaviour

Objects (and people) in motion.
A reflection on ethnological museums as contact zones that generate new and unexpected meanings for the future of the objects they hold. Text by James Clifford

Activities of the Casa do Povo in São Paulo, Brazil. Above: a “Residência para Coletivos”, artistic residences lasting two months

Economy. Trades & enterprises

Economy and cultural production.
Andrea Phillips talks to Martina Angelotti about a different way of interpreting the concept of value in the cultural field

Interior of the M+ building, showing the lobby and the “Found Space”. © Herzog & de Meuron. Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron and West Kowloon Cultural District


The door of Asia
Institution analyses new cultural spaces and their interplay between design, collection and public. Edited by Paola Nicolin

Kram/Weisshaar, foto Andrea Caputo

Studio visit

In Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram’s offices, in Munich, Stockholm and London, workshop culture reigns. Edited by Andrea Caputo

Stefano Graziani, Prague, 2017. Inkjet print, 96 x 121 cm. Photo of Villa Müller (Maria Szadkowska, curator of Villa Müller) by Adolf Loos, 1928, The City of Prague Museum


Stefano Graziani, Questioning Pictures.
Portfolio is a space devoted to presenting work by photographers, artists, illustrators, designers and free thinkers

Cherubino Gambardella, Cara Domus

Dear Domus

From now on, this page will feature readers’ thoughts, ideas, criticism and opinions.
The second is from Cherubino Gambardella. Send us your letters, drawings and photos by mail or email. Write to us!

The Neue Nationalgalerie. Refurbishment by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin. Photo Friederike von Rauch © Neue Nationalgalerie


The Neue Nationalgalerie, refurbishment by David Chipperfield Architects.
This is the most representative symbol of contemporary architecture and
50 years since being completed it needs radical refurbishment. Photo Friederike von Rauch © Neue Nationalgalerie

Steven Holl Architects, Maggie’s Centre Barts, London, 2017. Photos Angus Mill


Steven Holl Architects, Maggie’s Centre Barts.
A subtle insertion into a complex site, offering three different facades each with its own character. Text by Deyan Sudjic Photos by Angus Mill

Neri & Hu, Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat, Yangzhou, China, 2017. Photo Pedro Pegenaute


Neri & Hu, Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat.
With a great work of composition and using only old bricks, Neri & Hu reconstruct a rigidly orthogonal structure based on Chinese tradition. Texts by Daan Roggeveen, Wang Shu. Photos by Pedro Pegenaute

Paolo Rosselli, Amatrice, Zona Rossa, 2017

Focus: earthquake

The Gordian Knot of earthquakes
Overturning of time.
Text by Manuel Orazi

Stefano Boeri Architetti, Multipurpose and Civil Protection Centre, Norcia, Italy, 2017

Focus: earthquake

Stefano Boeri Architetti, Multipurpose and Civil Protection Centre.
An unassuming monument that poses as a discreet witness to what has occurred here

Mark Dion, Salvage-HMS Colossus, 2013. Objects, shells, sponge, barnacles, dried algae, plaster, acrylic paint. Maurizio Morra Greco Collection, Naples


A never buried Pompeii.
With “Pompei@Madre. Archaeological Matter” the contemporary art museum of Naples and the most important archaeological park in the world conceive an exhibition on time and proximity between the ancient and the contemporary

Rieber. The Thermoport® 1.000 KB 4.0 container is a lightweight food transportation unit (weighing just 17.6 kg). Photo Henrik Blomqvist


Rieber Urbanharbor.
Food management against food wastage. Text by Lelia Kicherer, photos by Henrik Blomqvist

Studio Formafantasma, Ore Streams


Studio Formafantasma, Ore Streams.
Studio Formafantasma turns scrap into a resource and confirms that design can play a crucial part in issues in which our planet’s future is at stake. Text by Angela Rui

Details of Francesco Clemente’s studio on Broadway. Photos by Jean Marie del Moral


Richard Gluckman in conversation with Francesco Clemente: I like to be proved wrong

Still frames from Thom Andersen’s The Thoughts That Once We Had (Grasshopper Film, USA, 2015)


Skipping through time.
Thom Andersen has made a film telling the story of cinema through a montage of settings, emotions, objects, faces and sounds. Text by Piero Golia

On the couch. Paul Smith. lllustratione Vincenzo De Cecco

On the couch

Paul Smith.
A cyclist manqué and a successful fashion creator, Paul Smith describes his research expressed in rigorous design outside and colourful inside. Edited by Walter Mariotti



Designing with hot and cold air.
With CFD software, architecture is becoming the art of building atmospheres. Edited by Philippe Rahm

Heat and modernity: Vann Molyvann in Phnom Penh. Photo Giovanna Silva


Heat and modernity: Vann Molyvann in Phnom Penh.
The architecture of Vann Molyvann represents the aspirations of a country, Cambodia, and the hopes of an age, the 1960s, which differed from reality and today lie in ruin. Text by Peter Fröberg Idling, photos by Giovanna Silva

Inna Braverman

Rassegna: Frame systems

Clean energy with the power of waves
Eco Wave Power is a company based in Tel Aviv that exploits the inexhaustible energy of the sea to produce clean energy. We asked co-founder Inna Braverman to explain how. By Giulia Guzzini