Current Issue: Domus 965


Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson involved the German artist Gustav Metzger in a creative experiment. Having asked him to think about nothing, they extracted data from his encephalogram and used it to carve a block of stone. Thinking About Nothing is reproduced on the cover

Editorial: It’s about time all over again

Joseph Grima interviews Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks) and Gustav Metzger

Op–Ed: It’s about time all over again

Florian Idenburg


Edited by Elena Sommariva


Fordlandia. Dan Dubowitz

Light in the city

In 1977, two architects met in Manhattan in a small TriBeCa loft. Their friendship was sparked by an extraordinary drawing of Piranesian influence by one of them, Lebbeus Woods. Design Steven Holl Architects. Photos Brando Posocco. Edited by Laura Bossi

Lebbeus Woods 1940—2012

Tributes to a fearless creator of worlds. Texts Boeri, Denari, Hadid, Kumpusch, Manaugh, Mayne, Owen Moss, Saraceno, Sorkin, Noever, Obrist, Vidler, Zardini, Frampton. Edited by Laura Bossi

Parrish Art Museum

At Water Mill, New York State, a white line slices purposefully through the pastoral landscape. It is the new Parrish Art Museum. Design Herzog & de Meuron. Text Matthew Allen. Photos Yoo Jean Han. Edited by Laura Bossi

A museum of time

In the French city of Lens, the grand dame of Parisian museums, the Louvre, has established an ethereal, otherworldly outpost deeply steeped in the diaphanous language of SANAA. Text Sam Jacob. Photos Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

The golden cloud

Last September, the inauguration of a new exhibition space sheltered by an undulating golden canopy transformed one of the Louvre’s courtyards into a new home for the museum’s Department of Islamic Art. Text Sam Jacob. Photos Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Network: Campus Bocconi

The relationship between organic forms and human life is the basis for the new campus designed by SANAA for Bocconi University. Project by SANAA. Text Paola Nicolin

SuperNormal: Little Printer A portrait in the nude

Little Printer is a product of now. It is a product—i.e. a tangible thing—but it is also a product, in the sense of a consequence, of contemporary culture. Text Dan Hill. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Taming concrete 1

The launch of three pieces in the new Concrete Collection represents the second stage in a global project undertaken by Matali Crasset with a small French company to bring concrete into the home. Interview Loredana Mascheroni. Photos Simon Bouisson

Taming concrete 2

Over the past couple of years, research into lightweight concrete, amalgams and techniques of bonding with other materials has made an age-old dream of designers—bringing concrete into the living room—practicable for a variety of applications. Text Loredana Mascheroni

The black box syndrome

Justin McGuirk pays Richard Sapper a visit in his Milan apartment to discuss design, Dieter Rams, and why the ThinkPad’s TrackPoint is red. Text Justin McGuirk. Photos Ramak Fazel. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni

Artist with a movie camera

After living for 60 years Bolex cine-camera in hand, Lithuanian-born artist, filmmaker and poet Jonas Mekas is being celebrated in a series of almost concurrent exhibitions in London, Paris and Mexico City. Text Federico Nicolao. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni

<a href"" target="_blanK">Network: MammaFotogramma Allez Up</a>

WoodSkin, a project by MammaFotogramma presented in the “Domus— Autoprogettazione 2.0” competition, finds its use in a “handcrafted interior”. Text Chiara Alessi

Architecture of adrenalin

Having grown at a dizzy rate in the past ten years, today’s ever-larger and more complex roller-coasters are sophisticated architectures, designed to let people experience and overcome extreme sensations. Text Giampiero Bosoni. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni


Lighting. Edited by Laura Bossi, Giulia Guzzini


Edited by Guido Musante

Cold Case

Taranto Cathedral. Text Luigi Moretti, Lisa Ponti. Edited by Luigi Spinelli