Food design illustrated in the new volume by Cucchiaio d’Argento

A monograph to explore the relationship between food and design, offering 90 pages of basic techniques and 50 recipes for creating dishes that engage all the senses. 

The new volume by Cucchiaio d’Argento, entitled “Food Design”, explores the relationship between food and project, illustrating the meaning of food product design. 

Available in bookshops and in the online shop, the monograph proposes techniques and basic notions for the creation of dishes capable of stimulating all the senses. An introductory part presents the history of the relationship between gastronomy and design; 90 pages are dedicated to basic techniques for creating dishes, while the last section brings together 50 recipes. 

Food Design
Pages from "Food Design" by Cucchiaio d'Argento.

Thanks to design, certain foods have become edible artefacts capable of affecting the way we consume meals and have entered the collective imagery thanks to the role of product marketing.

The introductory pages discuss containers capable of preserving food, such as tomato cans, and “container” shapes such as the ice cream cone. The evolution of utensils, which have undergone continuous improvements over time, is recounted, and the creations of haute cuisine are explored, allowing shapes and colours to enhance the sensory characteristics and aesthetic value of food. 

Food Design
Pages from "Food Design" by Cucchiaio d'Argento.

The following 90 pages reveal, through text and images, the basic techniques for learning how to create geometries with sauces and cuts, different textures with foams and gels, combinations of colours, shapes and designs, through the right tools. The last part offers 50 recipes for first dishes, second courses and desserts. 

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