A domestic environment as a dialogue between nature and the anthopic element

At Design Week Mexico 2020, Juskani Alonso presents a domestic space that reflects, through an aesthetic impact, on the dialogue between nature and man.

Ruinas is a project developed by the Mexican collective of the same name and by Juskani Alonso for the Design Week Mexico 2020, which will end on October 31 in Mexico City. It is a domestic space that seeks to generate an aesthetic impact in the public that invites us to reflect on how to build a future that moves away from the steps that until now have led us as a global society to the turning point that the health emergency has represented in our lives. The project experiments in a domestic space the union that unites and contrasts nature with man, the chaos of living with the artificial order, the white walls with the exuberance of vegetation that grows spontaneously.

Ruinas, Ruinas, Mexico City, Mexico, 2020

The installation is designed to generate two atmospheres during the day: the first, in the morning, fresh and illuminated, while the second represents the night, full of shadows and mysticism. A journey within this vegetal mass leads us to the discovery of a clearing, where we find ourselves in front of a place as clearly anthropized – composed by the Otto sofa by Pirwi, the Esperanza stool by Aurea, the CTR-02 lamp by Bandido and the Candor fabrics –, a space in the middle of nature that invites us to escape and reflect on our relationship with it.

To complete the experience, the light, designed by Miguel Vega, shows for the morning environment a luminous ceiling that together with the empty and sterile walls gives the feeling of an aseptic interior, in full contrast with the vivacity and natural exuberance that emerges from the rocks. At night, the light coming from the ceiling goes out and spots of light explode from the forest, obtaining an over-precision of shadows and shapes that cover the architecture.

Concept and design:
Juskani Alonso
Lighting Design:
In Light We Trust
Landscaping Design:
Andrés Souto
Texts and editor:
Fernanda Escarcega
Mexico City, Mexico

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