Prefabricated spas made with wood from Val di Fiemme suitable for any environment

The Italian company Starpool, thanks to its industrial process, makes possible the purchase of modular and standardized spa structures, without the need for a custom design.

Founded in 1975 in Val di Fiemme as a family-business engaged in the production of swimming pools, Starpool is today a company that specialises in the design and construction of wellness centres, spas and wellness products dedicated to the professional and domestic sector.

This year, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic
its lockdown, the company has renovated its factory, Casa Starpool, born from the desire to reintegrate in a single-pole the satellite production areas developed over time. “It has been a fundamental step for our company in this moment of growth,” says Massimo Libretti, head of the technical area. “First, we focused on internal reorganisation, processes, operations, teams and people; all intangible but vital aspects for every company. Only then did we design the “house” best suited to accommodate this change, to tell it and represent it to the outside world”.

“We are challenged about standardisation, but in reality, standardisation is the only way to achieve product development” explains Riccardo Turri, CEO since 2002, about the production of the company. “Normally, this sector works on the project, but we have decided to work on the product. This increases the cost of sales, but clearly facilitates after-sales. What we send on-site is actually the certified product. The interesting thing is that what we currently sell is to all intents and purposes the evolution of our original production. We have always worked in this way”.

This industrial process makes it possible for both hotels and homes to purchase modular, standardized spa and wellness products without having to worry about custom design.

Starpool, Nature Sauna Outdoor

Alongside the theme of standardisation, however, the company is deepening in its products the aspects more related to sustainability. In the production circle, in fact, about a third of the purchases of raw materials is zero kilometres, including the valuable wood of Val di Fiemme. At the same time, when this is not possible, for 48.7% of cases, the maximum distance of supply is 100 km. The products are shipped through crates made of wood, which are then collected and used several times.

In 2014, the Eco Spa Technology was born: it a software that allows, in addition to the functions of the touch display, the automated management, the control with remote diagnostics and the optimisation of energy loads of all the cabins installed in a spa even of large size. In particular, it is possible to start up the products present in an optimised and sequential way, allowing to reduce the maximum KW necessary for the spa operation. In this way, thanks to the simultaneous use of Green Pack and Eco-Spa Technology, it is possible to obtain a reduction in energy absorption during operation, acting on the partialisation of the power absorbed by the equipment, up to at least 16% savings. The Sim 4.0 software, in each installed spa product, allows to constantly measure the essential parameters of the equipment, detect any possible decrease in performance, monitor the use of the products, the detection of anomalies and alarms and control the energy load: all in real-time both by the customer and by the company’s control room.

Starpool, Zerobody

Besides, in 2016 Starpool launches Zerobody, a project that is the evolution of traditional floating, the technique of deep relaxation through floating in the water. The Zerobody lounger combines the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of weightlessness with extreme speed and practicality of use: the body remains relaxed on 400 litres of hot water, thanks to an innovative patented membrane. Suspended in this warm embrace, the central nervous system is freed from all external stimuli, and the brain can express all its extraordinary potential. At the same time, the body relaxes and regenerates itself.

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