Vintalogy tells the dystopian story of a vintage clothing brand

ENORME Studio tells the fictional story of Vintalogy among nuclear wars, time capsules and a brick mausoleum.

ENORME Studio designs for Vintalogy, the largest and most famous second-hand clothing shop in Madrid, a provocative setting inspired by the "architecture fiction" genre, a term coined by Sterling in 2006 to define all the imaginative and useless architectural projects: shops without objects, pizzerias without pizzas, stories that never happened, processes that never existed.

ENORME takes this assumption to its extreme consequence creating a site-specific installation whose meaning and history are in the designer’s mind and architecture becomes pure storytelling, a narrative of the absurd,. 1991 runs and the protagonist, Beatriz, buries, hidden by a time capsule, her favorite sweatshirt FILA to protect it from the imminent nuclear war advocated by the extremist group TOX.

Years later, Vintalogy unearths all the capsules of those who wanted to save his most precious objects, catalogs and stores them in a mausoleum built from pieces of ruins to keep them in memory of the ancient splendor of the Earth and the human civilization.

Vintalogy, Madrid. Calle Barceló nº13
Javier de Paz García
Area :
300 sqm
december 2018

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