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For their new studio Alina Jerónimo & Paulo Carneiro renovated an old building in Lisbon, translating their philosophical and sustainable beliefs into an architecture full of rich textures.

Alina Jerónimo and Paulo Carneiro, architecture studio, Lisbon 2017
With a strong commitment in eco-technologies and biobased materials, Portuguese architects Alina Jerónimo and Paulo Carneiro renovated a 150 years old house in a historic area of Lisbon, featuring their new, sustainable, architectural studio.


The building rises in an area that has been known for centuries as a fishing district, and has suffered several interventions in the ground floor that debilitated its structure. The concept was to renovate a 35 square meters space, integrating both architectural and craftsmanship work, recreating a “sustainable model” to replicate in other old buildings in the city. The interior walls were removed, placing a metal structure and footings to allow the creation of an open space, while reinforcing and correcting the damaged building in the ground floor. 

Alina Jerónimo & Paulo Carneiro, architecture studio, Lisbon 2017
Alina Jerónimo & Paulo Carneiro, architecture studio, Lisbon 2017
The idea was to achieve a positive environment and social impact through the promotion of disappearing crafts such as traditional carpentry and using biobased materials: wood, earth, straw and lime. The result is a pattern of textures from different materials that have a physical impact on the space: they are flexible, porous and breathable. The process allowed for experimental research, from the design, to the placement and welding of the metal structure, walls and plastering, and furniture making.

Architecture studio, Lisbon, Portugal
Program: studio renovation
Architects: Alina Jerónimo & Paulo Carneiro    
Structural engineering: Vítor Silva
Area: 35 sqm
Materials: steel (structural reinforcement), wood, earth, straw, lime
Completion: 2016

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