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New Format Generali

Digilosophy and hybrid spaces are featured in the insurance company's newly redesigned branches. A project by Fulici Design to address new ways of working

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A new architectural project that goes beyond the areas of product and interior design, entering the realm of what is defined as spatial design, examining the relationships between people and places, and the flexible manner in which the first use the latter.

This is the wide-ranging programme that Generali Italia has undertaken with the decision to renew and unify the image and the operation of its Branches, of which there are more than 1,200 nationwide.  

The task of creating the new Generali format has been assigned to Federica Fulici of the Fulicidesign firm in Venice, aided by the companies Archiutti of Treviso and Sedus Italia for prototypes and supplies.
In the renovated Branches, the welcome has been studied to favour encounters and guest comfort, avoiding solutions typical of the past that are characterised by a clear physical division between the spaces dedicated to clients and those for staff.

The novel conception of space, in terms of furniture and fittings, is in line with the highest standards of performance, and also takes into consideration a wide range of intangible aspects that contribute to increasing the overall quality of the atmosphere. The layout has been designed not only to redefine the various areas but also to modernise and rationalise practices, rethinking front- and back-office activities, and both in-person and digital services.  
The end result is a smart working and interaction space, in which paths of movement are extremely fluid and intuitive, thanks to osmosis between the various functional areas and to visual aids to orientation.

Furnishing and layout have been studied in accordance with an informal revision of operational relationships and practices, and with an all-encompassing welcome for clients, beginning with the ample transparent facades that, wherever possible, reduce the barrier between outside and inside, in line with the metaphor of the glass house.

The new model welcomes the client from the moment they enter, with any waiting no longer a tiring waste of time standing, but rather an initial moment of relation. From the comfortable and colourful seats, it is possible to receive the latest news from the company, get information on recent initiatives or search for information of personal interest. The spaces are light and well-lit, studied to facilitate interpersonal interaction. The red carpet at the entrance is not merely decorative; it immediately leads guests, avoiding any initial uncertainty and therefore the need to “guess” where to go.

For face-to-face dialogue with branch representatives, modules have been created to protect privacy and optimise an open and direct rapport with the operator.
One decisive element for the success of the project was modularity. There are no fixed layouts but rather a series of solutions that can be adapted to momentary requirements; a small meeting to illustrate a product, a risk or a form of coverage.
This is a form of efficient use that results in a reduction of the spaces needed for operations, and therefore in considerable energy savings, also thanks to a study into signage that uses low-energy materials.

A final mention is due to the use of colour. As well as the Generali Italia red, Fulicidesign has also chosen to use the other colours provided for by brand guidelines. This has allowed for the clear differentiation of the various areas through the application of colour. The coherence between the layout design and the furnishings thus expresses a clear communication strategy; the two fields of intervention interact, efficiently bringing forth the brand philosophy and its precise identity.

Opening image: the Biella Via Carso Branch

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