Recreate the charm of traditional stone walls

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The emotional value of stone and attention to sustainable building are encapsulated in Geopietra®, the only cladding tested and guaranteed in Europe.

Natural stones represent a constant presence in architecture. The use of stones in buildings has for centuries been a prerogative of all those works born to last over time: not only public buildings and churches, but also rural architecture and constructions in the historical centres.

Knowing how to relate to this immense material heritage – rich in types of stone, construction techniques and formal specificities – is one of the skills needed by every architect. Every respectable designer must know that working with stone is every time a complete, integral experience.

With murogeopietra®, the Lombard company Geopietra® redesigns and puts in place manufactured stone, with results that always combine aesthetics, technical quality and emotional value.

Thanks to a close dialogue between the company's research and development centre and architects, Geopietra® is able to create masonry on demand, creating personalised mixtures of models and shades. There are 6 wall profiles, 50 models of composition and a range of over 130 different stone shades available. In practice, the design variables offered are infinite and always manage to meet the architect's requirements.

With manufactured stone veneer Geopietra® it is possible to recreate the charm of a traditional masonry, elaborate the rhythm of a wall photographed during a trip, design the most suitable wall for the landscape context, combine the stone wall with contemporary materials, preserve, renovate or create from scratch.

Geopietra® research and development laboratory chooses and composes stone walls on request for architects

The procedure is very simple: just send the company some photographs of the masonry you want to recreate to start the study of the most appropriate mix of stones, including instructions on the colours of the mortar and the most suitable laying and grouting techniques. Geopietra® responds to this initial information with some pictures of the proposal, accompanied by instructions on the most suitable mortar colours and laying and grouting techniques. If approved, the proposal is transformed into a sample panel for on-site verification. The chosen composition of models and colours is then prepared and shipped in boxes, already mixed, for a more correct and quicker laying on site.

Some examples of architectures built in Europe with murogeopietra®
manufactured stone
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