Healthy.Wood finishes sanitise surfaces and furnishings

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Specialised in wood coatings, Milesi introduces a range of finishes that guarantee constant hygiene and safety to the surfaces of public and private places.

This period of coexistence with the Coronavirus is going to be a crucial one, during which architects and designers are called to rethink our community life and all its places: from squares to markets, from restaurants to schools. Today it is more important than ever to imagine new spatial configurations and types of furniture, new materials and finishes that can guarantee safety and hygiene in our daily lives. Only in this way physical distance will not preclude social proximity.

Surfaces treated with Healthy.Wood finishes make the use of disinfectants superfluous

So here are the designers taking back in hand manuals of proxemics, start up creating new applications to remotely manage elevators, graphics and designers rethink the signage and furnishings of public places... 

From the technological research of Milesi, a brand of the IVM Chemical group, Healthy.Wood was born. It is a new line of finishes able to sanitise surfaces without using disinfectant products.

The finishes produced by Milesi are ideal for domestic environments where children play

Healthy.Wood is ideal for all those environments where hygiene is an essential requirement: public places such as bars and restaurants, shops, hotels, schools, exhibition spaces, medical and professional offices, but also the various rooms of the house, such as kitchens, bathrooms and children's rooms.

Laboratory tests have shown that the sanitising finishes produced by Milesi inhibit the proliferation of germs by more than 99.9%*, protecting objects and furnishings with which we come into daily contact, without altering their aesthetic characteristics.

Silver and its disinfectant properties are fundamental in the formulation of the wide range of finishes and topcoats with sanitizing and sanitizing properties. The sanitising particles are directly integrated in their formulation, in order to obtain a homogeneous distribution and guarantee the same characteristics in every part.

The action of Healthy.Wood is long-lasting, even on surfaces frequently cleaned with particularly aggressive detergents.

The test measures the temporal evolution of bacterial activity of sample microorganisms from reference strains of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. For both bacterial cultures inoculated on treated surfaces, a bacterial activity reduction factor of more than 99.9% in 24 hours was measured
Safety and hygiene in our daily lives. At this precise moment in history, these requirements are more relevant than ever before
line of sanitising finishes
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