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RÖFIX Kreativ line offers a wide and potentially infinite variety of effects with classic, modern and even unusual and artistic combinations, featuring the three-dimensionality and tactile textures of the surfaces.

Decoration and textures are among the most relevant aspects in contemporary facade design. Freedom of application, variety in the visual and textural properties of surfaces, and easy application are central features of RÖFIX’s Kreativ effect line. To find out more about the company’s approach to developing these series of products, we spoke with Alessandro Bonoli, Product Manager of Color Line and Color Matching at RÖFIX Italy.

Bonoli first explains about how the series offer is in line with a deep-rooted material and architectural culture in Italy but not only: “What the Kreativ line of decorative effects wants to reinterpret is a type of aesthetic value that Italy has carried on for centuries and that we’ve recently lost in order to speed up and standardize work. For instance, picture the facades of historic centers, where we can find travertine wainscoting. Great architects such as Bernini did not make the ashlars themselves but entrusted them to ‘plasterers,’ who used simple and ordinary techniques. We think that to recreate this kind of attitude, we simply need to make a mental effort, because the key to the Kreativ line is how easy it is to apply.”

Bonoli focuses on the fundamental difference between creating and simply applying. “The fundamental problem with decorating today what is mostly suggested is a kit application system, in which the applicator has to do a very specific job. Often times, those in charge of applying the products do not go further than their specific tasks because it is the easy thing to do. Creating, however, involves a different way of thinking: it means having the opportunity to unleash one’s imagination, going back to contributing to beauty through one’s skills. Putting the applicator at the center of the craft can become the key to give character architecture. That’s why we invite our customers to get inspired.”

We conclude the chat with a key aspect of the company’s work: the dialogue with businesses. “An important part of our work is to collaborate with companies and make sure that the execution of a given decoration is not only feasible but made easy, as well as achieving an excellent aesthetic result. This approach rewards us and, day after day, brings us closer to technical firms that understand the value of products and that everything revolves around ease of execution,” Bonoli says.

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