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Glass’ fun fair

Inspired by the lively fun fairs stalls Alessandro Zambelli designed Lunapark, a Murano glass coffee table in limited edition for the Secondome gallery in Rome.






Curated by Secondome and PS, the second “Ladies&Gentlemen” is once again an interesting show of designers and companies. Do not miss Apparatu’s research into Dekton by Cosentino. #MDW2017


News / La redazione di Domus

Bussa coi piedi

For its tenth anniversary, Secondome presents a book and a group exhibition realized with the designers who worked with the gallery during these first 10 years.




Ladies & Gentlemen

A collective exhibition curated by PS and Secondome revives a long-abandoned historic Milan mansion, with room after room displaying new Italian craftworks. #MDW2016


Salone 2016 / la redazione di Domus



Alessandro Zambelli partecipates at London Design Festival with a project that draws inspiration from Calder’s kinetic sculptures to creates a candleholder with a perfect mechanism.



Gio Tirotto: Amphora

A low-cost industrial process gives shape to a purely sculptural and decorative object in the last project developed by Gio Tirotto for Secondome Gallery.