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The Indian Memory

During the Fuorisalone, Antonia Jannone Gallery will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ettore Sottsass with the second edition of an exhibition showcased in 1987. #MDW2017




Best of #July

A water-reacting material, an installation that uses 25,000 dishes as if they were bricks and a monograph about Wes Anderson’s last film are three of the ten stories we choose to recount the month of July on Domusweb.



Concrete Memory

Sara Moiola tells the story of Alberto Burri’s work in Gibellina Vecchia, an open-air cathedral caught in an infinity yard, with the spontaneous vegetation as the only spectator.




The House of Memory

The centre devoted to the conquest of democracy in Italy, designed by baukuh, highlights the complementarity of material and immaterial archives.




House of memory

Taller Sintesis with Angélica Gaviria and Juan Guillermo Caicedo designed in Pueblo Bello, Colombia, a building that would serve to regain and strengthen community life while honoring the memory of the 500 victims of the paramilitary and guerrilla violence.



Memory Palace

An ambitiously experimental exhibition at London’s V&A Museum creates a multi-dimensional, walk-in story that updates the book and changes the roles of authors, readers, designers and illustrators alike.


Art / Catharine Rossi