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Gabriele Basilico (1944–2013)

Cities with their streets, squares and transport lines, their roofs, walls, façades, street levels, arches and long perspectives — these are the subjects for which we, lovers of the city in all its different permutations, shall gratefully remember Gabriele Basilico.


News / Sebastiano Brandolini


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At the Menini Gallery in Brescia, Olivio Barbieri presents a series of large-scale photographs framing cities from above, as if they were scale models of re-envisioned realities.



The Belgian modernism of Willy Van Der Meeren

The subject of this photography book is a neglected modernist social housing complex in the legacy of unité d'habitation by the architect Willy Van Der Meeren.


Reviews / Angelique Campens


Richard Barnes: Unnatural Spaces

A retrospective exhibition surveys the complications between built space and the artifice of display.




The Life and Death of Buildings

A survey of works from the 1840s to the present sheds light on the documentation of architectural construction, transformation and afterlife since the invention of photography.



Brad Temkin: Rooftop

As the green roof movement gathers momentum, one photographer documents the reintroduction of nature into the urban context