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Kader Attia at the MMK

Reappropriation and repair: these the main themes of “Sacrifice and Harmony”, Kader Attia’s solo exhibition at the MMK in Frankfurt am Main.




Precarious Imaging

Raw Material Company presents the second act in a year long programme that addresses Personal Liberties in African societies as part of Dakar Biennial OFF Programme.



Territori instabili

Nella mostra curata curata da Walter Guadagnini e Franziska Nori alla Strozzina di Firenze, i lavori dei dieci artisti (e gruppi) invitati permettono di ripensare l’idea di territorio nel mondo contemporaneo.


Art / Elisa Poli


The City That Doesn't Exist

Displaying the work of twenty artists — from Armin Linke to Kader Attia, and from Maya Schweizer & Clemens von Wedemeyer to Rufina Wu & Stefan Canham —, a new exhibition at the Ludwig Forum Aachen takes visitors to places which raise questions about their own existence.




Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity

At the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, a show uses a modernist icon to capture the rather emotive and certainly global subjects of displacement, dysfunction, and alienation.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich


Dense, loaded, rich and boundless: directed by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, this year's edition of the world's most important contemporary art exhibition is based on the continual oscillation between past and present, the specific and the universal.


Art / Gabi Scardi