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Revisit – Per Kirkeby

Located in the south of Sweden, a non-profit sculpture park, The Wanas Foundation, shows artist duo Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg featuring two large installations and a new film.




A thief caught in the act

With their colourful bird sculptures and black and white waterfall animations Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg continue at Giò Marconi their play with light and shadow.



Bjørn van den Berg: Aura

With Aura Norwegian designer Bjørn van den Berg converted an hemispherical shaped mirror into a whole reflecting object rather than just a surface.




Chimney Pots

Studio Wieki Somers designed a range of modular Chimney Pots, inspired by the English Tudor Style, for a new housing development in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.




Best of the Week

From an experimental house designed by Kengo Kuma in the north of Japan, to a building that serves as a manifesto for urban rehabilitation in downtown Lisbon, here are this week's best stories.



Little Printer: A portrait in the nude

The product of over five years of applied research and development at London-based firm BERG, Little Printer is a product of now, exemplifying how physical and digital have merged to become one. Domus talked to BERG principal Jack Schulze to unpick the design process as much as the product.


Design / Dan Hill