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As a fallen apartment building

Photographer Francesca Cirilli surveys the Kreuzberg Wagenplatz community, an informal settlement that claims the possibility and the will to live in public space, arranging it according to inhabitants' needs.


Photo-essays / Francesca Cirilli


Formafantasma: Turkish Red

At the Tilburg TextileMuseum, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin present the results of their most recent research project: a collection of 17 silk textiles featuring patterns and other visual elements, referencing the history of "Turkish red".



42 Architects: Hyttgårdsparken

Taking an archeological approach, the British studio's skatepark links the city to a UNESCO world heritage site, featuring a series of concrete surfaces that emulate the surrounding landscape, from sloping banked surfaces to recognisable urban elements.




Making Room

An exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York attempts to disrupt the city's present housing situation, exposing the key housing regulations and policies and reinforcing the ambition to produce real and tangible change.


Architecture / Leigha Dennis