DroneShield's gun disables drones with electromagnetic noise

The DroneGun MKIII, which uses frequency jamming techniques to disrupt drones as a security measure, looks like a gun from a futuristic sci-fi movie.

DroneShield, an Australian company that specializes in anti-drone tactical equipment, has develop and RF gun that efficiently disables a wide range of drone models. 
The gun, with a futuristic sci-fi design that makes it look like a high-end prop from Starship Troopers, is harmless to humans. It emits a RF signal that interrupts the video feed recorded by a drone instantly and makes the drone either land on the spot, or quickly fly back to the operator. The compact size of the DroneGun MkIII, its weight  (less than 2Kg, battery included) enable one-hand operation, making the product design’s quite remarkable, as anti-drone equipments are usually bulky and heavy and resemble more of a cannon than an actual gun. The DroneGun, which can disable flying object in a 0,3 miles radius, is geared towards firms and agencies that need to control and secure events, compounds, and individuals in high-risk situations where a drone can’t be ruled out as an attack vector or as an intelligence recognition device. 


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