A 3D-printed death machine

Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has created a suicide machine that lets user administer their own death at the push of a button.

Dr. Philip Nitschke, an Australian euthanasia campaigner, has created Sarco, a 3D printed death machine that is aimed at making assisted suicides more elegant, sustainable and accessible. 

The Sarco, which was shown at the Venice Biennale at the beginning of May, includes a base and a sealable pod that rests on top of it. After entering the pod with a code and closing it shut, the user can press a button to release a lethal dose of nitrogen from the canisters hidden into the base, thus reducing the level of oxygen to induce a quick a painless death. After the person has passed, there’s no need to awkwardly remove the body from the machine, as the pod - 3D-printed with a special biodegradable wooden-based material - can be used as a coffin that can be either buried or cremated. 

According to Dr. Nitschke, the Sarco will "allow rational adults the option of a peaceful, elective and lawful death in an elegant and stylish environment”. Thanks to its compact size and low weight it’s quite portable and can be moved almost anywhere. “You can tow it off and have it overlooking the Alps or the lakes”, Dr. Nitschke said. “When you're ready you say goodbye, use the code to get in, pull down the canopy, press a button and you die in a few minutes. It's a very peaceful death”.

Philip Nitschke

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