Form Us With Love: Beer

In responds to the growing number of connoisseurs and passionate brewers, Form Us With Love has designed a beer exhibition at Spritmuseum, in Stockholm, like a laboratory married with a museum.

Form Us With Love, Beer, exhibition view at the Spritmuseum
Form Us With Love designed and curates “Beer” exhibition at Spritmuseum in Stockholm, celebrating the science and art of beer making.
In a country where the numbers of breweries have doubled year-on-year, differentiation is key. It is precisely why a little guidance into what goes into beer making might be needed.
Form Us With Love, Beer, exhibition view at the Spritmuseum
Form Us With Love, Beer, exhibition view at the Spritmuseum

To help the audience navigate through the unique collection of Swedish beers, Form Us With love has created a dramatic aesthetic, engaging both initiated malt lovers and first time barley inspectors to enter the world of beer science.

Made using industrial tiles, the interiors reflect a laboratory married with a museum, in a grid of glass podiums accompanied by low hanging pendant lamps. “We wanted to illustrate dimensions of observation and experimentation by combining clinical materials and theatrical lights. Inspired by labs and ateliers, the intention is to make the audience investigative and engage with the process of how to find formulas for beer success,” says Form Us With Love.

From commodities to artisan styles, the beer exhibition brings you the history, culture and tradition of Swedish beer making. With the emphasis on elements and formulas, a variety of characters, properties and stories are unfold. In collaboration with experts such as Nadja Karlsson from Spritmuseum and the celebrated sommelier and journalist, Alf Tumble, the exhibition is also filled with practical advice on how to best pair your favorite beer with a meal.

until January 17, 2016
curatorship and exhibition design by Form Us With Love
Liljevalchs, Stockholm

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