Urban Manifesto 2024

Young Architects Forum Korea holds the exhibition “Urban Manifesto 2024”: 40 young architects based in Seoul propose the vision of the city that can be accomplished in 10 years.

Urban Manifesto 2024, installation view at the Common Building
Young Architects Forum Korea (YAF) holds the exhibition “Urban Manifesto 2024” on 40 young architects’ ideas and attitude on the city of Seoul.
While the forum has been placing its focus on sharing opinions and expressing ideas within the architecture industry, this exhibition is meaningful that it has extended the domain of communication. The exhibition is placed in three locations, Onground Gallery, Boan Inn and Common Building, reflecting the main intent of the exhibition: secretly permeating the city encompassing communities with daily scenes of the city of Seoul.
  Urban Manifesto 2024, installation view at the Boan Inn
Urban Manifesto 2024, installation view at the Boan Inn

This exhibition plans to share thoughts on how valuable and valid the small and trivial topics explored and shared by young architects of the current era can be, rather than dealing with vague and abstract stories, such as unpredictable future or unrealistic city plans.

At Onground gallery, records of YAF over the past three years, dealing with the themes of daily life of architecture, public housing, eco-architecture, POP, electronics, FUN and so on, have been re-categorizing with four concepts of ‘architecture everyday’, ‘architectural expansion’, ‘architectural amusement’ and ‘collaboration of architecture’. It focuses on new combinations and arrangements, rather than the each architectural works. Arrangements created by collecting views on each image and creating new combinations of pattern allow one to image such arrangements and analyses images based the relationships among such images.

Urban Manifesto 2024, installation view at the Onground Gallery
Urban Manifesto 2024, installation view at the Onground Gallery

At Boan Inn, ideas of young architects who think about the future of Seoul in year 2024 are exhibited in the media of video, images and text including commission works of façade. Architects suggest the future of the city they live in. When we talk about the future together, such future will come true. Based on the themes contained in the archive, there arenew testimonies by young architects on Seoul in ten years. 

Boundaryless Museum – the project team – and Heejung Kim – the curator – stated, “We tried to plan an exhibition and methods that can work as a ‘means for creating ambience’ that can reinforce architects’ ideas. The exhibition design of Boan Inn, which reveals the historical layers of the past 80 years in an unrefined physical condition, is a perfect background for exhibiting the reality of young architects of the current era. Installations are intended to make a dramatic contrast between this and the Seoul we dream of.” This was expressed as pieces of light floating in the space with the different scenes of day and night. As the current architects’ realistic pledges on ‘achievable testimonies’ for the city and the society, this exhibition contributes to improvement of the community and the city.

The exhibition has been striving to open various channels for discussions among senior and young architects, architecture scholars and experts from various fields who can collaborate with architecture through exhibitions and other programs., Moreover all records of this exhibition will be published in archive book along with the list of exhibited works to introduce young architects.

until January 31, 2015
Urban Manifesto 2024
Organised by Young Architects Forum Korea (Chairman, Hah Te Soc)
Curated and designed by Boundaryless Museum, Kim Heejung, Hongbaksa
Onground Gallery, Boan Inn and Common Building
Seoul, Korea

Participants: Kang Yea-rin + Lee Chi-hoon, Koh Gi-woong, Kwak Sang-joon + Lee So-jung, Koo Seung-hoi, Gook Hyung-geol, Kwon Hyung-pyo + Kim Soon-ju, Kim Kwang-su, Kim Ki-joong, Kim Min-seok + Park Hyun-jin, Kim Jeong-ju, Kim Chan-joong, Kim Chang-gyun, Na Eun-joong + Yoo So-rae, Noh Eun-joo, Park Ho-hyun, Suh Seung-mo, Sung Sang-woo, Shin Chang-hoon, Yang Soo-in, Yeum Sang-hoon, Oh Sang-hoon, Woo Joon-seung, Yoon Jae-min, Yoon Tae-gwon, Lee Gang-joon + Kim Young-ah, Lee So-jin, Lee Jae-joon, Lee Jeong-hoon, Lim Yoon-taek, Jeon Sook-hee + Jang Young-cheol, Jeong Eui-yeup, Cho Seong-wook, Cho Jae-won, Choi Seong-hee + Laurent Pereira, Choi Choon-woong, Ha Tae-seok, Daniel Valle, Jennifer Lee + Pablo Castro, Simone Carena

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