Current Issue: Domus 966


20 December 2012: Abdullah Anshasi, a member of the Gaza Parkour Team, trains near the Khan Younis refugee camp, in the southern Gaza Strip. Photograph by Antonio Ottomanelli

Editorial: Parkour in Palestine

Domus interviews Gaza Parkour Team

Op–Ed Gideon: A park for Roosevelt, 40 years later

Gideon Fink Shapiro


Edited by Elena Sommariva


Rereading Gaza. Antonio Ottomanelli

The Belgian affair

The influence of events such as Interieur and “Reciprocity”, which spring from the same fertile ground that has produced institutions like Z33 and studios like Unfold, suggests that Belgium is enjoying a fruitful phase of creative vitality. Text Justin McGuirk. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni

Seasons of life

With their designs for a kindergarten and a home for the elderly, 51N4E uses architecture not to conceal daily life but to situate it, in all its fragility, squarely at the centre of the urban stage. Design 51N4E. Text Pier Paolo Tamburelli. Photos Filip Dujardin. Edited by Laura Bossi

Vernacular variations

De Vylder Vinck Taillieu’s subtly humorous alterations to the regional architecture of Flanders playfully offer it new purpose. Design architecten de vylder vinck taillieu. Text Angelique Campens. Photos Filip Dujardin. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

A house non-house

In the Belgian city of Liège, working with a modest budget, Nicolas Firket Architects designed “a void to be colonised” for a young family. Design Nicolas Firket Architects. Text Femke Bijlsma. Photos Filip Dujardin. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Making space for daily life

Based in Ghent, Alexander Dierendonck and Isabelle Blancke draw inspiration from Belgian architecture of the postwar years. Design Dierendonckblancke Architects. Text Maurizio Cohen. Photos Stijn Bollaert, Filip Dujardin. Edited by Laura Bossi

Inhabited sculpture

In the wilderness surrounding Liège, lies one of the few realised works of Jacques Gillet: a vital and unknown masterpiece of Belgian modernism. Text Adam Štech. Photos Tomáš Soucek. Edited by Laura Bossi

Network: Maracanã House

In the house designed by Danilo Terra, Pedro Tuma and Juliana Assali, outside and inside merge in an articulate and continuous shape. Text Daniel Corsi. Photos Pedro Kok

Maison à Bordeaux. A textile revisitation

Through a series of gestures in textile, Petra Blaisse/Inside Outside has transformed our understanding of the building designed by OMA. Design Inside Outside/Petra Blaisse and Peter Niessen. Text Niklas Maak. Photos Jean-Christophe Garcia, Petra Blaisse, Peter Niessen. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Art & life in Palestine

Through a collective cultural initiative unprecedented in Palestine’s history, cities and villages of a region known as a theatre of ongoing conflict were reunited in a single endeavour—if only on show for two weeks. Text Beth Stryker. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni

Balloons and render ghosts

Long before buildings become physical entities, they enter the world as images—yet the messages implicit in these visualisations are rarely interrogated or decoded. Text James Bridle. Edited by Rita Capezzuto

Age-Friendly Products. The winners

The results of the Age-Friendly Products competition explore the almost limitless ways through which design can improve the lives of the demographic group in fastest expansion. Text Maria Grazia Mazzocchi. Photos Matteo Cirenei. Edited by Loredana Mascheroni


Facades. Edited by Giulia Guzzini


Edited by Guido Musante

Cold Case

Expo 58, Brussels. Texts Luigi Spinelli, Elena Ferrari. Edited by Luigi Spinelli