919 - Domus


  • Cover

    Rachel Howe, from the series The Inadequacy of Externalizing Emotions, 2008

  • Editorial

    Flavio Albanese. Milan Expo

  • News, events, competitions, projects

    Edited by Elena Sommariva

  • Italics by Francesco Bonami

    At Palazzo Grassi, a snapshot of italian art over the last 40 years, imbued with historical and personal considerations. Text Camilla Pignatti Morano. Photos Santi Caleca

  • Taipei Bienial

    Diluted around various places in the city, the biennial curated by Kortun and Hsu seems ineffective with respect the overwhelming evidence of Taipei’s real life. Text and photos Caroline Corbetta

  • Explosions

    Notes for the Venice Art Biennale 2009. Edited by Daniel Birnbaum

  • Milano crocevia dell'arte italiana

    States of mind from a city that confirms itself to be at the centre of the Italian art scene. Text Ilaria Bonacossa

  • Fusion set

    Three cooking utensils designed for Normann Copenhagen. Design Odoardo Fioravanti. Testo Maria Cristina Tommasini. Foto Valentina Frare, Elena Godenzi, Arianna Pelizzoni

  • Fax lab 650/680

    An easy-to-use fax with basic forms designed for Olivetti. Design Marco Zito, Gianfranco Vasselli. Text Valerio Castelli, Dario Scodeller. Photos Studio Pointer

  • Tu Delft: a report

    A report from the Delft Technical University about what we got at the end of a six-month design course. Text Walter A. Aprile, Aadjan van der Helm, Gert Pasman Pohotos Walter A. Aprile

  • The house that always helps

    Milan’s Istituti Riuniti Marchiondi Spagliardi, designed by Vittoriano Viganò and published in Domus 318, May 1956. Text Luigi Spinelli. Photos Ramak Fazel, Archivi Domus

  • Public housing: Italy

    Two architects take a puzzled look at a building genre that is dying out in Italy. Design Cherubino Gambardella, Boeri Studio. Text Stefano Casciani. Photos Peppe Maisto (Ancona), Paolo Rosselli (Seregno)

  • Public housing: Spain

    A public housing scheme has recreated the traditions of Andalusia’s old villages. Design Antonio Jiménez Torrecilas. Text Laura Bossi. Photos Vicente Del Amo

  • Theatre in Provence

    An extension that breaks with the past. Design and text Philippe Gazeau. Photos Luc Boegly

  • Yuppie ranch house

    In the hills, a house laid out around a curved ramp. Design and text Elastico Spa. Photos Betta Crovato

  • Liaunig Museum

    Partly subterranean, the building slices through the hill like a piece of land art. Design Querkraft. Text Elena Sommariva. Photos Lisa Rastl

  • Town hall, Cadorago

    Architecture and politics in a town of 7,000 people. Design Marco Castelletti. Text Laura Bossi. Photos Filippo Simonetti

  • Shell house

    A house in harmony with the uncontaminated nature of Karuizawa, conceived to optimise maintenance and comfort. Design Artechnic. Text Kotaro Ide. Photos Nacása & Partners

  • Remember Venezia September 2008

    Three projects to remember at the Architecture Biennale. Design and texts Junya Ishigami, A12, Phili Ppe Rahm. Photos Iwan Baan , A12, Philippe Rahm

  • Crane house

    A house conceived as a “response” to the “call” of its environment. Design Atelier BOW-WOW. Text Julian Worral. Photos Alessio Guarino

  • Molecular city

    An idea of architecture that functions as a network. Design CAN: Susumu Uno Text Francesca Picchi. Photos Hiroshi Ueda

  • Guilty

    A new model of boat design, emphasised by Jeff Koons’s camouflage design. Interior & exterior design Ivana Porfiri – Porfiristudio. Exterior camouflage design Jeff Koons Text. Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Andrea Ferrari

  • Steven Holl: homage to Astra Zarina

  • Intersections: Milan: brushstrokes for a changing fresco

    Domus begins a portrayal of contemporary Milan, which will be traced out over the coming months. Edited by Rita Capezzuto. Design tomato – Simon Taylor, John Warwicker. Texts M. Bertolano, M. Cabassi, C. De Albertis, A. Detheridge, OMA, A. Pasquarelli, A. Rocca

  • Books

    Fascism and architecture. American Architecture. Invented Edens. Mountain architecture. The design of the revolution. Edited by Gianmario Andreani

  • Rassegna: Interior finishes

    The importance of surfaces. Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini

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