domusforum 2021 - seven questions to explore possible futures

Considering the changes generated by the pandemic, how we will live and how the places we inhabit will be like?

Two years of pandemic have managed to undermine the social structures, economic principles and individual values that appeared consolidated by the paradigm of global development.

In particular, periods of lockdown have paralysed the interconnected lifestyle that over the last century had developed into the notion of the global city. A model that balances the practical requirements of material and intellectual production with the conceptual need to formulate inclusive, sustainable, and open paradigms.
The past offers various examples of similar situations, but this is the first time in modern history that the issues at stake have raised matters are of such urgency that they can no longer be avoided.
Among these, the most compelling are:

How will we live together?

How will we move?

How will we work?

How will we study?

How will we heal?

How will we occupy space?

How will we save the planet?

Halacious on Unsplash

Domusforum 2021 will explore these matters, by once again bringing together cross-sector and supranational knowledge.
The objective, as always, is to define paths towards a sustainable society.
First of all, in the urban environment, which has developed into an open matrix where differing forms of knowledge come together and are enhanced, contributing to the creation of a possible future. 

Opening image :
Alison Pang on Unsplash
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