Brutalist Futurism: Dioniso Gonzàlez on show in London

Between fiction and reality, architectures of the Iberian artist on show at Maddox Arts in London, to be exhibited also the series “Brutal Zone” of 2018.

Dionisio González, opere in mostra, Maddox Arts, Londra 2018

Architectures between fiction and reality. A solo exhibition by Dioniso Gonzàlez, a Spanish artist, in London, with exhibited series “Dauphin Island” (2011), “Inter-action” (2013) and his two new works of 2018 taken from the series “Brutal Zone”. Gonzàles and its futurist architecture take place in a natural landscape, with references to Le Corbusier and the Japanese metabolist architecture. But not only that, the artist draws inspiration from Italian Futurism,arches of Giorgio De Chirico and the architectural sculptures of Xavier Corberò, coming to a non-land where everything is granted. The “Dauphin Island” series is shelter architecture: located off the Alabama coast, an area that represents depressed America. The phantom architecture of this island makes it attractive.

The “Inter-action” series, on the other hand, seems to want to answer the question: how do you create a ruin? The ruin as a symbol of abandonment that leads to a state of imperfection and degradation. Rudy Kousbroek says that perhaps “the fact that a building has ended up turning into ruins is a consequence of a lack of decision”. In a ruin, nature enters the building and takes control of the cities and it is difficult to define a boundary between inside and outside. Where does the external and internal part start? F. LL. Wright indicates the wall as a boundary, compared to what is external. Dionisio González with his symbolic architecture places the constructions of the series “Inter-action” on pillars, obtaining the result of futuristic stilt houses. The contact with the ground is limited, the space is open, but the walls still create a boundary. What emerges, between fiction is reality, is a futurism that takes place in the present, through a dynamism of shapes and directions, sometimes sharp and unexpected buildings but welcomed into the city landscape.

Dionisio González
Maddox Arts
Opening :
23 febbraio - 21 aprile
52 Brook's Mews, Mayfair, London W1K 4ED

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