Turin. Skycraper designed by Renzo Piano enlights with art

In Turin architects Migliore and Servetto realize a light installation for the Intesa Sanpaolo skycraper in occasion of Luci d’artista 2017.

α-Cromactive, Luci d'artista 2017, Migliore Servetto, Torino

Until the 18th of January 2018 Turin will be enlighten by the 20th edition of “Luci d’artista” 2017 (“Artist’s lights”). This year’s light installations span from the city center to the suburbs. Even the city’s tallest building, the San Paolo Skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano, contributed as a piece of art.

α-Cromactive is the title of the light installation that is articulated as two elements shaped on the basis of the “alpha” symbol. The repetition of this age-old character, which is charged with many positive elements and refers back to the origin of everything, generates a spiral movement shifting from the interior to the exterior of the skyscraper.

Inside the greenhouse, the heart of the skyscraper, a wave of colours that are very sensitive to changes in light invades the space, reaching heights of up to 16 meters. Thanks to an innovative technology, 100 light scales act like frames in a stop-motion to create an iridescent vortex, which is brought to life and made to shimmer by the brightness emanated by the object itself, in dialogue with the constantly reflected natural light. “We have been working on individual elements, which were added to the space in order to create a single form and entity, and are therefore composed of densities and not different shapes.” As Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto explain, “The individual elements are composed in different scenarios, where transparency and lightness then become action, movement and light”.“It’s like entering the shape of a tree or the deepest depths of a complex organism. It acts as a natural landscape, where shadow, light and atmospheric elements come inside and modify perception. Indeed, perception is  further varied according to the distance and prospective. The design is composed of two installations, one external and one internal, which maintain a strong dialogue with the place and with the horizon for which they have been designed, as if they had spontaneously grown as new narrative organisms within the urban landscape.” Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto.

Migliore + Servetto Architects
Intesa Sanpaolo skycraper
corso Inghilterra 3, Turin

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