The future of the door is electronic

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Instinct, the new electronic-controlled locking system designed by Maco, represents a turning point in the history of door locks.

According to scholars, the first doors in history date back to the Mesopotamian peoples and consisted of little more than a few skins or a blanket hung above the entrance to dwellings. Since then, this architectural element has evolved in various ways: from the introduction of the first locks, which already existed in Egypt (but were improved by the Romans with the use of metal), to the modern cylinder locks system.

The evolution of the door has been slow and steady, and in recent years has seen a further step forward thanks to digital technologies: keys, locking cylinders and handles are being replaced by new electronic locking systems that can be positioned at will in the door frame.

With the innovative Instinct locking system, Maco is propelling the world of locks into a new era, scrapping the cylinder locks of the last century. Applicable vertically, horizontally and on inclined planes, to windows and doors of any material size and shape, Instinct is an electronically controlled locking system consisting of individual elements that can be installed on sashes or frames. The product opens the way to multiple interpretations and creative possibilities, and fits in with the home automation revolution.

The Instinct system can be easily connected with smart home or alarm systems. This allows you to manage openings and closures conveniently from your smartphone with a simple and intuitive app, allowing you to monitor access and activate integrated special functions, from daytime unlocking to child safety. In addition to the application, opening is also possible via fingerprint scanner and numeric keypad.

Security is another key factor for the system designed by Maco: the compactly designed mechanisms (20 mm thick) are equipped with sensors capable of detecting any break-in attempts in real time. The secret of the product is the Horsehead mechanism: a special patented 'horse-head' hook that moves automatically, quickly and silently, to engage the burglar and close or disengage and open. A system that guarantees high closing pressure, further reinforced in the motorised Guard+ version.

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