Total hygiene in the bathroom with the new smart WC by Roca

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In-Wash® In-Tank® combines all the functionalities of Roca's smart WCs in one compact unit that integrates the cistern into the toilet. 

In the era of IoT (Internet of Things), technological innovation means that we are increasingly connected to the furnishings and devices in our houses. In recent years, the bathroom has been the environment most affected by these innovations, which in the case of WCs have an impact on two fundamental aspects: hygiene and comfort. Going beyond the limits of ergonomics, new products enter into a dialogue (sometimes almost intimate) with our habits, behaviour and bodily needs. 

This is the direction taken by the new In-Wash® In-Tank®, an innovative smart WC produced by Roca, which also eliminates the cistern and integrates the tank into the toilet. This unique feature allows the sanitary ware to be installed anywhere in the bathroom, optimising space and ensuring greater freedom of movement. It saves 10 to 20 centimetres compared to models with an external cistern, without the need to install frames with an integrated cistern.

As with the existing In-Wash® models, Roca's new intelligent toilet features an integrated nozzle to clean the most intimate areas of the body. Using a remote control or a side control panel, In-Wash® In-Tank® also allows you to customise the position of the nozzle, the washing and drying temperature, as well as opting for a full or partial flush for increased water savings. The toilet also has an integrated sensor, which activates all its functions only when it detects presence on the seat, preventing accidental switching on of the flushing mechanism or the cleaning nozzle.

The flushing system has been completely redesigned: the Rimless Vortex technology spreads the water powerfully over the entire surface of the toilet bowl, with a 360° flow, at the same time ensuring lower water consumption. This innovation is combined with Soft Air technology, which controls the propulsion of the water, guaranteeing a silent and effective flush.

A further hygiene-enhancing factor of In-Wash® In-Tank® is the Supraglaze® enamel, which prevents dirt accumulation and facilitates its removal. This additional layer is superimposed on top of the traditional enamel, maintaining the standard performance in terms of durability but significantly increasing the gloss and punctuality of the surfaces.

As In-Wash® In-Tank® demonstrates, technology has arrived in the bathroom, but it has done so discreetly, to improve our experience, our personal well-being and our hygiene.

In-Wash® In-Tank®
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