Terme Merano: Filtering light while enjoying breathtaking views

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Technical fabrics by Medit are the ideal products to ensure the right lighting comfort in public spaces without losing visual contact with the outdoor landscape.

The new Merano Thermal Baths building, designed by Matteo Thun with Gruppo Nemo in 2005, is conceived as a fluid connection between water and mountains, city and countryside, natural and artificial. The structure enhances the genius loci, the soul of the place in Merano, bringing innovation and modernity while respecting the environment.

The new addition is a transparent cube encompassing a multi-sensory, primordial experience. Fundamental to this type of project is the management of natural light, which must take into account several factors. For this reason, the designers worked with an Italian leading company, Medit, which is specialised in the management of light in highly liveable environments in the contract sector. For the new wing of Terme Merano, the company developed innovative curtain systems.

"Terme Merano is an environment dedicated to wellness in a crazy location, enclosed in a linear building that makes light and transparency key elements. The choice of curtain systems was not a foregone conclusion; we managed to identify solutions that enhance the structure and at the same time ensure maximum thermal and visual comfort for the public," says Alessandra Schiavon - architect and project manager for Medit.

This commitment involved the choice of several products for different environments – from saunas to relaxation areas and rooms with thermal baths – in order to meet two key requirements in line with the building: finding a technical fabric with extremely high filtering performance that would safeguard the enjoyment of the extraordinary panorama that the Terme Merano glass monolith guarantees its guests, even when the curtains are lowered; at the same time choosing a fabric that would guarantee the necessary screening to protect the eyes from the immense amount of light that pours into the building due to exposure and architectural choice. 

The perfect fabric for these needs is Soltis 86 by Medit, which allows up to 28% of natural light to pass through, ensuring optimal lighting comfort for the occupants of the rooms, while at the same time not limiting the view of the landscape and the garden outside. Soltis 86 features a unique technology that ensures dimensional stability and allows for significant energy savings on the use of artificial light, as it manages to capture lots of sunlight.

The project, which Medit's technical team developed in coordination with designers, works on the perimeter and the glazed ceilings of the spa, completely enveloping the new structure from the inside. Linear, almost invisible rails, curtained curtains and skylight systems, featuring high performance antibacterial and breathable fabrics, characterised the design for the various common areas and suites, guaranteeing privacy and harmony.

Terme Merano
Matteo Thun
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