School - Domus


The school for animal care and gardening by RO&AD architects in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, has been realised by the teachers, the pupils, and the neighbourhood themselves.




Pavillon d’Eau

As a final project of the EPFL school, a temporary pavilion stood for over one month in the Lake Geneva, questioning about ornamentation, structure, limits and relationships to the site.




Project Village

Hello Wood asked hundreds of young architects from around the globe to experiment with the relationship between communities and their built environment.




Preschool by Saga

Collectif Saga went back to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to build a new low-budget preschool building, designed together with the local community and with reused materials.




Hypar Vault

The New Fundamentals Research Group realised the Hypar Vault in Troyes, France, an experimental vaulted stone structure fabricated with near zero waste of material.



Education in Kigali

Kigali, Rwanda, coordinates a knowledge reform. Africa’s common initiatives are powerful re-shapers of its cities, which bid to host them.


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