Photo-essays - Domus

Our urban fragmentation

Raju Peddada’s objective is to capture our urban condition as it is: a perpetual, imperfect and ambiguous transience within ourselves and our environment.


Photo-essays / Raju Peddada


Videochat’s architecture

Kurt Hollander documented the interiors of an erotic videochat studio in Cali, Colombia. When seen in real life, the rooms resemble nothing so much as sets of a (porn) movie. Online, however, the fantasy elements of the pseudo-architecture appear convincingly real.



Seeking geometry

Domusweb editorial staff selected some images from Daniel Rueda’s Instagram profile, which transmit joy and optimism, encouraging us, as the Monty Python would sing, to look at the bright side of life.


Photo-essays / Daniel Rueda


The Last Labyrinth

Ana Amado appointed to describe Cape Prior in Spain, within a one year collective project, and interpreted the landscape as the place of the Minotaur and Teseo myth.


Photo-essays / Ana Amado


Time witness

The photographer Stefano Barattini captured the Italian abandoned historic residencies bringing back their dramatic beauty.


Photo-essays / Stefano Barattini

Boarded-up Houses

The aim of Katharina Fitz’s project is to create a conscious reflection on vacant houses and an awareness of the constant structural changes of our cities.


Photo-essays / Katharina Fitz