Photo-essays - Domus

Boots on the ground

The young photographer Kani Marouf went to Kurdistan, her homecountry, where she found everyday life stuck in between borders of radicalism, war and suppression.


Photo-essays / Kani Marouf


Land Unknown

The ongoing exploration of the “East” by Slovakian photographer Dia Takácsová is meant as a search of her personal roots, and as an investigation of the human’s impact on a piece of land, as well as the nature’s impact on human beings.  



Report from the edge

Alessandro Guida’s photographic research investigates the liminary territories of Rotterdam, those beyond the borders of the administrative city, the uncertain space that separates the city from non-city.


Photo-essays / Alessandro Guida


In Between

After 0/1 Data Flow (2004), Global Soul (2008) and The Third Day (2013), Henrik Spohler’s new photographic project In Between is the fourth part of a series on modern traffic of data and goods.


Photo-essays / Henrik Spohler


Urban Under-Spaces

The Austrian photographer Gisela Erlacher focused her research on the apparently interstitial spaces created by traffic infrastructures that as cities’ population grows become more and more in demand.



Archaeologies of schools

Sissi Cesira Roselli photographed the classrooms where scale models of the world and its mechanisms, that once were the tools of the scientific and technique knowledge for generations of students, now lay abandoned and useless.


School / Sissi Cesira Roselli