Soviet Innerness

Elena Amabili + Alessandro Calvaresi started a survey of the Soviet presence in Western Europe, described in this ongoing project, to find the traces of life behind the architecture remains.




Atlas Italiae

During one and a half year Silvia Camporesi explored all the twenty Italian regions, looking for forgotten and abandoned villages and buildings. Atlas Italiae is an atlas of the disappearance.


Photo-essays / Silvia Camporesi

28 in 28 in 4

Marc Goodwin did an ultra-marathon of photo-shoots: 28 architectural offices in 28 days, in four Scandinavian capital cities to see how architectural offices differ between each country.


Photo-essays / Marc Goodwin


Fragments of justice

Luca Sironi photoessay focuses on 19 Italian courtrooms, spaces that are transformed every day into a stage on which a routine of tragedies and controversies is held.


Photo-essays / Luca Sironi


Brutalist Architecture

The images, by Roberto Conte, are part of a much wider and long term photo project on Brutalist architecture all over the world, aiming to rediscover these structures and their influence.


Photo-essays / Roberto Conte

Fairy Tale Of Russia

Frank Herfort captures the often melancholyc atmosphere of Russian interiors and everyday life, influenced by building materials, stirring up conflicting emotions, from the poetic to distressing.