Bas Princen: Earth Pilar

In Bas Princen’s photos, each image is suspended within uncertain temporality between past and future; the present constitutes a moment of contemplation.


Photo-essays / Giaime Meloni


White Houses

In the series by Denis Esakov on modernist architecture in Russia, the functionalist pathos of avant-garde, the monumental ambitions of the Stalin era, and the mass production of affordable square meters during the Khrushchev-Brezhnev period appear as quixotic experiments.


Photo-essays / Denis Esakov


Alba Zari captured the atmosphere of “Pedocin”, a bathouse in the center of Trieste, Italy, divided by a wall, where they have two separate areas for men and women.





The Qualsiasità of the eye is translated into a photograph of the day-to-day, attentive to the minor aspects of an area and devoted to the landscape taken as the prime observation point.




New Vesuvian Landscapes

Gigi Cifali depicts the abusive settlements inside the Vesuvius National Park in the manner of a landscape painter of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.


Photo-essays / Gigi Cifali

Home Less

After four years spent capturing what financial crises left behind in the Portuguese built environment, Nelson Garrido unveils a surreal scenario at the Venice Biennale.