Photo-essays - Domus

Time witness

The photographer Stefano Barattini captured the Italian abandoned historic residencies bringing back their dramatic beauty.


Photo-essays / Stefano Barattini


Boarded-up Houses

The aim of Katharina Fitz’s project is to create a conscious reflection on vacant houses and an awareness of the constant structural changes of our cities.


Photo-essays / Katharina Fitz

Incompiuto Siciliano

The research by Alterazioni Video promotes the study of the Incompiuto architectural style as an interpretative paradigm of Italian architecture from WWII to the present day.


Photo-essays / Alterazioni Video


How to build a house

Commissioned to create new works for the art collection of Wienerberger, the world’s largest bricks producer, Peter Puklus included his life into the project, connecting the house and the family.


Photo-essays / Peter Puklus



Alessio Forlano’s research is the pretext for opening a debate on the role architecture could have in our rapidly changing society.


Photo-essays / Alessio Forlano

An Urban Data Stream

Joseph Heathcott focuses on facades around the world, as sentinels witnessing the drama of metropolitan life, recording architectural, social, and commercial happenings.


Photo-essays / Joseph Heathcott