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967Arch, 20.VENTI desk system for MDF Italia, 2017

20.VENTI by MDF Italia

Contrasting full and empty volumes, the office desk designed by 967Arch for MDF Italia features a multipurpose wireway useful for modular compositions.



The new 20.VENTI office system conceived by 967ARCH studio, reinterprets the linear design of MDF Italia, and is meant for the new aesthetical and functional needs of working spaces.


The collection features full and empty volumes, a carefully studied combination of various finishes and the cables built into the bearing frame. The technical challenge starts from the use of a slender frame generated by a 20x20 mm profile. 20.VENTI includes both individual tables and double workstations, which can be aggregated, and a wide selection of screens and accessories.

967Arch, 20.VENTI desk system for MDF Italia, 2017

967Arch, 20.VENTI desk system for MDF Italia, 2017

Each workstation has a structural wireway that can be accessed by sliding the top. It can be used for electrification and cables, or simply as a small storage compartment for daily usage. The Steel frame and legs feature a section of 20x20mm, painted with epoxy powder in matt white and graphite grey. The structural wireway is made of medium density fibreboard, with a thickness of 2cm, while tops are made of medium density fibreboard panels covered with laminate.

Design: 967Arch
Manufacturer: MDF Italia
Year: 2017