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Shaping cities

The “Urban Age 2016” conference, at the 15. Biennale Architettura, considered the question of scale, rising to several heated discussions of the merits of top down versus bottom up planning.


Reviews / Philippa Nicole Barr


Jardin Essentiel

Parckdesign is a unique biennial event in Brussels, enhancing social and environmental awareness and citizen participation to create new green spaces in the city.



Brasserie Champeaux

For the new Alain Ducasse’s Brasserie Champeaux in Paris, Ciguë designed a space with strong materials contrasts and a big black split flap board.




Joliette Art Museum

FABG Architects were asked to refreshen Montréal’s Joliette Museum of Art, with some architectural additions, the cleaning of the original structure and a new interior design. 




Dior Miami Facade

Designed by BarbaritoBancel Architects, large curved movements of white concrete, clear figures of the ‘plissée’ take shape, between which the spaces of the boutique slide in.




Squire and Partners launched Zubabox, a solar energy learning lab in Cazuca, near Bogotà, made by using a recycled shipping container with solar panels on the roof.