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Noor Restaurant

In an attempt to simulate the possible atmosphere of a palace banquet at the 10th century Medina Azahara in Córdoba, ggarchiects designed a promenade of light, shadows and geometry.




Peckham observatory

Studio Cooke Fawcett has created a new viewing gallery and kiosk for Bold Tendencies, an arts space on the top of a multi-storey car park in Peckham, London.



Home in the pine forest

Spatial continuity is the main feature of the single family house designed by Ramón Esteve in Madrid, whose whole interior space opens and orients itself to a pine forest.




Frank Lloyd Wright at 150

A major exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art critically engages the multifaceted practice of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most prolific and renowned architects of the 20th century.




The Cave

A double height patio is the central node of the house in Guadalajara, by Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos, which combines the correct management of the light and the fluidity of spaces.



Malibu beach house

Los Angeles-based architect Barbara Bestor designed a vacation house for Mike D, frontman of the Beastie Boys, renovating some ramshackle structures found in Malibu, California.