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Roca Gallery

MAD Architects designed gallery space in Beijing, which opens up to its urban environment and features a screen of LEDs that becomes a new facade for the city.




Axis Pramiti school

Designed by Purple Ink School in Kanakpura, India, each of the school’s learning space is organized around an outdoor court, which enables the extension of the classroom.



The house in the courtyard

Facing a typical Italian court, the apartment designed by Paolo Moretto focuses on finishings, materials and colour, and gives back a welcoming domestic feeling.  




Twelve Tacoma

Canadian architects Aleph-Bau renovated a typical 19th century house in the heart of Toronto adding metal cladding, new openings and a dramatic central staircase.  




Apartamento das divisorias

To maintain clarity throughout the apartment in São Paulo, and not visually diminish the room, Casa100 Arquitectura divided the social and intimate wing with a dotted glass.



Odivelas apartment

In an attempt to improve what seems to be a hopless state of the art in local architecture, Miguel Marcelino renovated an apartment in Odivelas, Portugal, giving it a soul.