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Turkish Pavilion

Challenging the increasing confinement within borders of religion, language, race, nationality, ethnicity and gender, Bastarda is a 30 meters long vessel that links metaforically Istanbul and Venice.




Albanian pavilion

Focused on the architecture of displacement and migration, the curators produced a 12-inch vinyl record with the voices of Albania, played continuously at the Venice Biennale. 



Rosenberry residence

Designed as a holiday house in the middle of the woods, this residence by FABG architects is developed around two different speeds: for the young and for the old generations. 




St. Jacques Town Hall

Through a double layered facade, LAN Architecture designed a new municipal building that becomes a place where architecture vanishes to give space to a public area.




Villa Boucquillon

Like butterflies’ wings, the roof of the villa designed by Michel Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui opens up at a 30 degrees, allowing natural light and ventilation.



Panoramic Tower

On one of the highest peaks of the Matra mountains Nartarchitects designed a contemporary addition to an existing watch tower using steel, concrete and coloured windows.