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Lucky Knot bridge

NEXT Architects were inspired by the principle of the Möbius ring, as well as the Chinese knotting art for their 185 meters pedestrian bridge on the Meixi Lake, China.




Hurricane villa

Koichi Futatusmata came up with a solution for a single family house in Yoron island, Japan, that needed both panoramic openings to the sea and protection from local hurricanes.



Architecture and sexuality

This exhibition at CCCB, in Barcelona, presents some of the projects that have subverted traditional models and advocated utopias of sexual cohabitation.




The theatre of usefull

How can an important event be installed without wasting resources? Rural Studio explains and shows us how, with its design for the Venice Biennale


Interviews / Alessandro Zorzetto



This office in Bratislava, designed by plusminusarchitects, features a levitating spatial mesh of welded roxor rods and a plywood cladding that stretches through the entire space.



House MCNY

Mf+arquitetos designed a wooden and concrete single-family house near Sao Paolo, inspired by the Brazilian modernism and with spaces defined by the different materials.