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Sketch for Syria

Architects from all over the world answered the drawing call by IUAV University in Venice, with 132 sketchbooks full of drawings and proposals for Syria reconstruction.




Caruso St John: Diorama

Caruso St John’s exhibition at Betts Project presents a selection of models for competitions as well as the model of their recent Stirling Prize winning project, the Newport Street Gallery.



Villa in Tuscany

The villa designed by Fabbricanove releases a Tuscan landscape that used to host a war-production factory, in between agricultural lands and a concrete highway.




Continuous Interior

For the Prada Men’s and Women’s Fall/Winter 2017 show, AMO designed a continuous wooden partition that divides the space into a series of consecutive sceneries.




Walden Dos School

Realised by Miguel Montor in Mexico, the school has direct connection with gardens, thus enabling outdoor activities during any class as well as keeping in touch with the green areas.



Architettura Invisibile

An exhibition in Rome combines Metabolists and Radicals, which developed parallel experiences by sharing the themes of investigation and languages.