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Full Circle

The swing-set designed by Jamrozik and Kempster in Buffalo questions its conventional linear arrangement creating an interactive spatial transformation for the community.




Pavilion DIT

The pavilion in Moscow by Architecture Bureau Wall features an outer concrete skin with plastic revealed pattern formalizing the aesthetics of the exhibition center.




Cubo design architect realised a single family house in Odawara, Japan, which features a mid-air space with all the core elements for daily living lifted up onto the second story.




Spaces without drama

The recent proliferation of collage in the architectural representation, in relationship to set design and theatre, is the subject of an exhibition at the Graham Foundation.




Shatura House

The single family house by Le Atelier is inspired by the environment and local techniques, from the “architectures without architects” they see driving through the town.



Le Banc de neige

Atelier Pierre Thibault designed a platform and a public bench in Québec, which modifies the user’s relation to the public space by allowing a multitude of appropriations.