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Serpentine 2017

Commissioned to design the Serpentine Pavilion 2017, Diébédo Francis Kéré conceived a responsive structure that will connect its visitors to nature.




Architecture studio

For their new studio Alina Jerónimo & Paulo Carneiro renovated an old building in Lisbon, translating their philosophical and sustainable beliefs into an architecture full of rich textures.



Aesop Georgetown

The interior by Tacklebox is defined by local heritage, pairing a distinctive visual language with evocative materiality to weave the store into the fabric of the neighborhood.




March Rabbit

The small building by L’Eau Design plays a complex role, in order to invent new narratives for Seoul’s city center, rather than existing under one finished and fixed function.




Full Circle

The swing-set designed by Jamrozik and Kempster in Buffalo questions its conventional linear arrangement creating an interactive spatial transformation for the community.



Pavilion DIT

The pavilion in Moscow by Architecture Bureau Wall features an outer concrete skin with plastic revealed pattern formalizing the aesthetics of the exhibition center.