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House in Koiwa

Designed by Kawakubo and Tomoyasu, House in Koiba is a wooden house renovation, for a three-generation family that will expand even further in the future, and needed a wide, smart space.




Sou Fujimoto: Potato Head

Potato Head Hong Kong’s design showcases a deft mix of contemporary and traditional influences through lightweight metal fixtures with heavy crafted teak wood.



Hotel Longroiva

Located in the county of Mêda, north-east Portugal, Rebelo de Andrade’s Hotel Longroiva has a visual relationship with the landscape and presents a careful choice of materials and colors.




Migrating Spaces

The exhibition Migrating Spaces focuses on common elements of domestic German architecture integrated into the homes of former guest workers upon their “definitive return” to Turkey.




100 years of freedom

Volker Staab, founder of Staab Architekten, recounts the expansion project for the Bauhaus-Archiv, and lends a voice to a drive that will lay another crucial architectural stone.


Interviews / Nicola Violano

Storytellers pavilion

Studioninedots designed a cone-shaped pavilion around a campfire, to welcome and encourage storytellers in the temporary FabCity in Java Island, Amsterdam.