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Charlemagne Palestine

Obsessed by teddy bears, Brussels-based artist and performer Charlemagne Palestine filled up the Jewish Museum of New York with hundreds of colourful plush toys.  





Pae White’s work, at the kaufmann repetto gallery in Milan, utilizes both technology and artisans to emphasize the simultaneous limitations and intricacies.



Richard Goodwin

Betts Project presents the first solo exhibition of Richard Goodwin in the UK: “Fables for the Drone Age” reflects on the concept of ‘porosity’ in the urban fabric.




Ni héroes ni mártires

At the Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico, Juan Fernando Herrán investigates hidden moments in Colombia’s history and questions the mechanisms involved in constructing memory.




Irving Penn

Besides being a celebrities and fashion photographer, Irving Penn was a portrayer of every aspects of life, as shown in a generous exhibition at the Fotografiska museum in Stockholm.



Christoph Niemann

The Cartoonmuseum Basel is honouring Christoph Niemann with a solo exhibition, which comprises 120+ original drawings, prints, adapted photographs and animations.