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Villar Rojas at the Met

Adrián Villar Rojas has transformed the Cantor Roof of the Metropolitan, with 16 sculptures that fuse human figures with replicas of nearly 100 objects from the museum’s collection.




La Terra Inquieta

The exhibition at the Triennale di Milano charts both experiences and perceptions of migration and the current refugee crisis as an epoch-making transformation.



The end of utopia

American artists Jacob Hashimoto and Emil Lukas have been invited to stage a site-specific show at Palazzo Flangini in Venice, reflecting on “The End of Utopia”.




La Cattedrale Vegetale

Conceived by the artist Giuliano Mauri in Lodi, the wooden structure hosts 108 oak trees – 60 cm high, planted inside the columns that make up the five naves.




Moroso Concept 2017

The 2017 Moroso Concept will be held in Udine, Northern Italy, where the winning artists will be announced alongside an exhibition of their works.



Investigative Aesthetics

Forensic Architecture’s exhibition at MACBA challenges the viewer to consider how contemporary art and digital technologies can engage the reality of post-truth.