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Fantasy Access Code

The show at the Palazzo Reale in Milan reintepret a space with strong historical connotations along contemporary lines and explores the expressive potential of Alcantara®.




Louise Bourgeois

Gallery Studio Trisorio presents a selection of works by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois that have never been exhibited before, completed between 1940 and 2009.




1+1+1 is a triptych of exhibitions: three authors – an architect, a designer and a painter who have accepted the invitation to share the  Assab One spaces in Milan.




Pascali Sciamano

The show at Fondazione Carriero in Milan focuses on the work of Pino Pascali (Bari, 1935 – Rome, 1968), presented in dialogue with what is commonly labeled “tribal art”.




The narcissist city

At the Viasaterna gallery in Milan, the show presents an appraisal of the work of photographer Takashi Homma, operating on the international scene since the early 1990s.



Synthetic Desert

Radical reduction of optical and acoustical sensations define the first-ever realized installations by Dough Wheeler at the Guggenheim, conceived during the late 1960 and ’70s.