Nature Concert Hall

Designed by DJA in Jelgava, Latvia, Nature Concert Hall is a levitating cloud with gradient density over the musicians, serving as a screen for video and light projections.




Wilfredo Prieto

“No se puede hacer una revolución con guantes de seda” by Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto presents a series of small interventions both inside and outside the exhibition space.



Shakespeare rugs

Celebrating Shakespeare’s death anniversary 400 years ago, interior designer Helen Hooper and Mineheart rugs transposed some of his celebrated monologues. 





Inspired by nature, the urban garden designed by OFL Architects, together with Farm Cultural Park and Milia Shop, is meant to gather people around a multi-sensorial place.




LaSelva design studio

David Galvañ and Manuel Bañó, designers and founders of LaSelva design studio developed an accesories collection for a Mexican concrete company.



Green Ladder

Designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects in Sydney, Green Ladder is combination of bamboo ladders and acts as a physical link connecting visitors and nature.