Aftermath Catalonia

Using audiovisual installations to spotlight seven cases of public architectural interventions, Institut Ramon Llull presents a collateral event at the Venice Biennale.




Israel Pavilion

From the nano-scale to larger global environmental phenomena “Merging Architecture and Biology” centers upon the concept of resilience. On stage at the Venice Architecture Biennale. 



Architectural bake-off

This June, Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster + Partners, Squire and Partners and Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio will battle recreate the world’s most iconic buildings, out of cake.




Turkish Pavilion

Challenging the increasing confinement within borders of religion, language, race, nationality, ethnicity and gender, Bastarda is a 30 meters long vessel that links metaforically Istanbul and Venice.




Albanian pavilion

Focused on the architecture of displacement and migration, the curators produced a 12-inch vinyl record with the voices of Albania, played continuously at the Venice Biennale. 



Hack by Grcic

Developed by Vitra, Hack is a provocative table system, that anticipates the requirements of companies and employees, manipulating the office environment.