Fitting pieces

The Fitting Pieces collection is a collaboration between two Hungarian design firms – Maacraft and Kezemura – based on the shared values of human centered, loveable design.




Port House in Antwerp

On a 16,400 sqm area, Zaha Hadid Architects renovated Antwerp’s port – the second largest in Europe – with a vertical extension that doesn’t hide the original buildings. 



Bethan Gray: Shamsian

Together with artist Mohamad Reza Shamsian, Bethan Gray brought Oman’s highest craftsmanship to London with a collection based on marquetry and solid brass inlay.




Through Walls of Mist

The new live choreography project by Billy Cowie uses the vertical dimension – stairs, balconies, hills – of the Fondazione Prada’s Milan venue.




Soak Steam Dream

The exhibition curated by Jane Withers at the Roca London Gallery explores a new bathhouse culture through the work of contemporary architects and designers.



Natalia Geci: Lynko System

Designed by Natalia Geci, Lynko is a modular freestanding system designed to transform and created to fill the needs of a contemporary wayfaring lifestyle.