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Best of Portugal

We choose Portugal for the weekly best, ten projects to take a look at the “new” country.




Objects Within

Objects Within is an experimental research work by Hungarian studio Hidegszoba that explores the relationship wiht objects, personalites and the literature of Iván Mándy.



Charlemagne Palestine

Obsessed by teddy bears, Brussels-based artist and performer Charlemagne Palestine filled up the Jewish Museum of New York with hundreds of colourful plush toys.  





Austin Maynar has renovated his house in Melbourne, whose kitchen, dining and garden are shared between his family and the AMA team between 9am and 5pm.




A trip to Iceland

The new book by Guido Scarabottolo titled Viaggio in Islanda is a dreamlike and indecipherable account of an imaginary trip to Iceland, a silent graphic novel. #fridayreads



House in the forest

To renovate a suburban house in Lány, Czech Republic, Kaa-studio has kept the original mass, only remodelling the interior layout and window openings.