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A Warm Clinic

Designing “A Warm Clinic” in Tianjin, China, RIGI Design turned a cold medical space into a lively terminal which connects to people, spreading warmth and caring.




Insect Farm

Terreform ONE designed a parametric and modular shelter for cricket farming, in order to provide insect-food supplies in case of emergencies and post-disaster scenarios.



Cellular Morphology

Designed by rat[LAB]interiors in New Delhi, the retail store for kids merchandise exhibits a bold use of primary colours blended with rustic and raw use of materials.




Flemish interiors

At the Design Museum Gent, “A piece of furniture is also a house” examines interiors, scenography, furniture design, construction history and its relationship with art.




Worker’s Delight

The exhibition at the Vitra Museum embodies Bless’ search for an everyday rhythm of concentration and relaxation, where to experience self-regulated productivity and leisure.  



The Transaction Project

Applying 3D printing to the problem of ceramic and glass compatibility, a group of designers created an iterative process that allows rapid testing of materials and form.