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Dream out loud

Twenty-six designers active in the social design field present their fearless pieces at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, with an exhibition curated by Lennart Booij.




Richard Yasmine: Ashkal

Conceived by Richard Yasmine for the Sursock museum store, Ashkal is a contemporary design object inspired by the early Sixties when the museum opened its door.



A Warm Clinic

Designing “A Warm Clinic” in Tianjin, China, RIGI Design turned a cold medical space into a lively terminal which connects to people, spreading warmth and caring.




Insect Farm

Terreform ONE designed a parametric and modular shelter for cricket farming, in order to provide insect-food supplies in case of emergencies and post-disaster scenarios.




Cellular Morphology

Designed by rat[LAB]interiors in New Delhi, the retail store for kids merchandise exhibits a bold use of primary colours blended with rustic and raw use of materials.



Flemish interiors

At the Design Museum Gent, “A piece of furniture is also a house” examines interiors, scenography, furniture design, construction history and its relationship with art.