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Waarmakers: Ninebyfour

Waarmakers: Ninebyfour

Ninebyfour, designed by Dutch design studio Waarmakers, is a minimalist wooden design led lamp, crafted from local Amsterdam trees.



Ninebyfour is an archetypical tubelight fixture, crafted from an atypical material: wood.

This is possible through the use of energy efficient LED light tubes, that eliminate the bulk of electronics necessary for traditional neon tube light and does not warm up during use, allowing for the use of wood and cork.

Waarmakers: Ninebyfour

Waarmakers, Ninebyfour

Ninebyfour is made from Stadshout, salvaged wood from Amsterdam trees. On the cork the geographical coordinates of the unfortunate tree are stamped, find the trees’ city origins by simply entering these coordinates in Google.

led lamp
Design: Waarmakers
Materials: wood, cork and LED light tubes