Iconographic handbook

To get around the problem of an impossible review, we asked Guido Scarabottolo to tell us about his provocative handbook for the contemporary designer: 96 pages all the same that have arisen from following a visual train of thought.


Reviews / Francesca Esposito


Designing the future

Annalisa Rosso, this year’s curator of the independent design festival Operae in Turin, talks about the 2016 event, the seventh one, which she has condensed into ten points.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero

The intensity of the gaze

The American artist John Currin, who uses distorted forms to describe the reality, talks about his cultural references: from the photography of Carlo Mollino to paintings by Poussin.


Art / Beatrice Zamponi


Choices that make choices

Mirko Rizzi, the founder of Marsèlleria in Milan, talks about how he created an atypical space for contemporary art with a programme that is independent and dedicated to young Italian artists.


Art / Gabi Scardi


Nothing is forever, nothing is sacred

Catching up with Rahul Mehrotra, at the Urban Age conference hosted by the Architecture Biennale 2016, the Indian architect presents his concept of “ephemeral urbanism”.


Architecture / Philippa Nicole Barr

A lake of the mind

A discussion with Steven Holl on intuition, pragmatism and creativity, on design as a form of thought and, above all, on his cabin in Rhinebeck, the Round Lake Hut.


Architecture / Diana Carta