Faraway, so close

With the open-call due to end on 10 July and the new edition set to open in May 2017, curators Angela Rui and Maja Vardjan offer us a preview of the content and aims of the 25th edition of the Ljubljana Biennial, the oldest dedicated to design.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero


100 years of freedom

Volker Staab, founder of Staab Architekten, recounts the expansion project for the Bauhaus-Archiv, and lends a voice to a drive that will lay another crucial architectural stone.


Architecture / Nicola Violano

Practical vistas

John Thackara, a philosopher, writer and wide-ranging thinker, summarises the decisive contribution by design that gives practical form to a story, always in the service of the real needs of the people.


Design / Stefania Garassini


Fantasy and classicism

This chat with the French designer Guisset explores her work, her personal theory of relativity applied to the design of everyday things and her exhibition at the Château de Courcelles in Montigny-les-Metz.


Design / Domitilla Dardi


Archi Debout

Olivier Leclercq explains why Parisian architects felt the need to get together every evening, talking late into the night about public space and dreaming up a shared project for society.


Architecture / Salvator-John A. Liotta Fabienne Louyot

Tony Fretton: Minis

We met curator Marie Coulon and architect Tony Fretton during the recent “Minis” exhibition at London’s Betts Project to discuss his digital iPad sketches, pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge technology mixed with primitive drawing.


Architecture / Sabrina Puddu