Interviews - Domus

MODU Architecture

Phu Hoang and Rachely Rotem, MODU co-directors, are spending a year in Rome conducting research on Italy’s contemporary ruins: unfinished projects in various states of “weather modification.”  


Architecture / Maria Luisa Palumbo


Best of 2016 #interview

The interviews we selected among the 2016 ones range from projects to visions: they all demonstrate the interviewees passion.



Design Museum Dharavi

Dharavi, a busy neighbourhood of Mumbai, sees the launch of an interesting museum project dedicated to design, coordinated by Amanda Pinatih and Jorge Mañes Rubio.


Design / Marco Petroni


The poetry of algorithms

In Milan, the media artist and designer Joachim Sauter, founder of Art+Com, told us about how he uses algorithms to reveal the poetry of unseen and unforeseen sides of reality.


Art / Stefania Garassini


Discreet architecture

Bartoli-Medina Achitectes talk about their adaptation of a neo-Gothic castle in France. With material, volume and light, they have instituted a dialogue between new architecture and local history.


Architecture / Salvator-John A. Liotta Fabienne Louyot

Zaven at Operae

Design duo Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno explored the secrets of highly sophisticated and meticulous woodcarving carried out by indefatigable workers of the Ancient University of the Minusieri.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero