Green - Domus

House in Dobříš

The owners of a plot in Dobříš, Czech Republic, wanted a house with no angles and in solidarity with the forest behind its back, so Mimosa Architekti built a fluid building covered with larch shakes.




Klimahouse 2017

Il Congresso CasaClima 2017 mette al centro stimoli e idee sui temi della disuguaglianza, delle periferie, delle calamità naturali, dei rifiuti e dell’inquinamento.




Like sedimentary deposits, the furniture collection by AHO is made of layers using waste material from the marble and granite factories of Al Quoz, in Dubai.




Hybrid innovation

Viessmann’s hybrid technology ensures maximum comfort and efficiency in every season, thanks to its hybrid heating and cooling system based on different types of energy sources.




Dancing bacteria

Dyeing textiles with dancing bacteria is the latest biodesign project by Dutch designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar, leading to a more sustainable colouring.



Sustainable commune

Superimpose studio created a multifunctional center for a commune in the Tai Yang Valley, China, to promote sustainable farming, healthy living and outdoor activities.