Green - Domus

Paper Brick

Just by using recycled pulp, Li Xiao-Ming casted a paper brick for indoors and outdoors, that is environmental friendly, waterproof and load-bearing.




Klimahouse 2017

Il Congresso CasaClima 2017 mette al centro stimoli e idee sui temi della disuguaglianza, delle periferie, delle calamità naturali, dei rifiuti e dell’inquinamento.



Upcycle: Phoenix chair

In antique mythology Phoenix was the bird that kept on rising from its own ashes, the same way Luca Nichetto imagines a chair for Offecct that always reinvents itself. 





Sustainability and Nordic design is the student’s winning formula, presented by the Lund University at Greenhouse during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017.




Jungle Flower

Designed by studio 1+1>2 in Vietnam, Lung Luong elementary school appears like a fresh jungle flower in lively colors and with a contemporary design language.



Bike | Design | City

The show at Gewerbemuseum takes a look at the wide variety of bike scenes in evidence today, as well as exploring cycling’s rich development potential and its future scenarios.