Green - Domus


With Kniterate – the first textile 3D printer that manifacures garments through digital design – the fashion industry opens up to a new era of customization and distribution.




Klimahouse 2017

Il Congresso CasaClima 2017 mette al centro stimoli e idee sui temi della disuguaglianza, delle periferie, delle calamità naturali, dei rifiuti e dell’inquinamento.



La Cattedrale Vegetale

Conceived by the artist Giuliano Mauri in Lodi, the wooden structure hosts 108 oak trees – 60 cm high, planted inside the columns that make up the five naves.




Pavilion of the Origins

The pavilion designed by Hung Nguyen Architect in Hanoi, Vietnam, brings the clean air back by setting a place for living plants, which can help detoxify the air.




Viride collection

All in one, Studio Goula Figuera created a lamp series that simultaneously provides ambient light and a structure for indoor plants for environments with poor natural lighting.  



House in Dobříš

The owners of a plot in Dobříš, Czech Republic, wanted a house with no angles and in solidarity with the forest behind its back, so Mimosa Architekti built a fluid building covered with larch shakes.