Video - Domus

Flying gardens

The inner garden of a house for the elderly in Vienna was made ‘accessible’ by bringing twenty ferns up to those residents who cannot move, with mischer’traxler’s coreography.




Los Angeles River

In his video Chang Kyun Kim releases a river that has been forced into severe concrete platforms, in a human attempt to control nature. Now that LA is getting dry, new scenarios will bring it alive.



Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest

The Swiss artist explains why she wants her public to lay down on beds. The Danish company Kvadrat made it possible for her huge exhibition at the New Museum in New York.




Aylesbury Estate

In an eight-minute condensation of the past history, grim present and uncertain future of what was once the largest and most ambitious social housing project in Europe, Joe Gilbert trains his narrative photographic eye on a derelict place, paying homage to its dignity.


Video / Joe Gilbert



NYsferatu by Andrea Mastrovito is a powerful public art project that engages diverse immigrant communities in telling their stories to the world.


Art / Andrea Mastrovito

Designing Life

Catherine Ledner and Roy Beeson are preparing a documentary film on the work of the American architect Albert C. Ledner. The project is on Kickstarter to be completed.


Video / Catherine Ledner and Roy Beeson