Video - Domus

Tirana 2030

The Albanian National Council approved the General Local Plan called Tirana 2030, designed by the Stefano Boeri Architetti together with UNLAB and IND.




A sonic meditation

At the Teatro dell’Arte in Milan, eclectic composer Ferdinando Arnò presents a 50-minute composition, Entrainment, which refers to the meditative concept, and law of physics. #MDW2017


Salone 2017

Max Lamb: solid upcycle

In Andrew Telling’s video, Max Lamb talks about his twelve benches for Kvadrat, made in Solid Textile Board: a building material made of textile waste. #MDW2017


Salone 2017


Dehui tea house

In one of the last remaining hutongs in central Beijing, a tea house designed by Space Modification Unit rises like a peaceful oasis in the middle of the busy streets.




Flying gardens

The inner garden of a house for the elderly in Vienna was made ‘accessible’ by bringing twenty ferns up to those residents who cannot move, with mischer’traxler’s coreography.



Los Angeles River

In his video Chang Kyun Kim releases a river that has been forced into severe concrete platforms, in a human attempt to control nature. Now that LA is getting dry, new scenarios will bring it alive.