The video by Joshua Dawson envisions a world in which the water privatization generates a vertical stratification in the Generic City of 2036 between the haves and have-nots.


Green / Joshua Dawson


The invisibile city

The city of Rome seen through its abandoned and fascinating spaces that should be salvaged.



Architecture / Carmelo Battaglia


Atelier Fornasetti

Ten videos, one for each floor of the “Renaissance Skyscraper”, tell what’s behind a Fornasetti piece of furniture, an accessory or a porcelain object.




Bikini words

Nils Clauss shows the living conditions of Korean factory workers during the 1970s and 80s industrial expansion, which gave rise to a new vocabulary.



The Flying Gardeners

A short movie tells the story of Massimo, Giovanni and Gilberto, three of the “flying gardeners” who take care of the Bosco Verticale and who deeply know the life that inhabit the sky above Milan.