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Jos Blom: Henk

Jos Blom: Henk

Henk is a table lamp designed by Dutch architect Jos Blom, whose work focuses on the development of easy to assemble and reusable building systems.


News / Arend Loerts

Henk is a simple table lamp designed by Jos Blom, partner at FLATarchitects.

The body of Henk consists of two birch ply parts that slot together to form a tripod. A rounded elastic cord connects two translucent shells to this tripod. Through these diffusing shells Henk gives a soft and comfortable light.

Jos Blom: Henk

Jos Blom, Henk

The CNC milled body is fully prepared for the lamps assembly. Cord and socket have simply been clamped into their cut-outs. Because of Henks low tech assembly replacing a bulb is an easy job. Henk has a big handle on top to make it easy to move it around.

Design: Jos Blom