Photo-essays - Domus

Italia o Italia

The project by Federico Clavarino, Italian photographer settled in Spain, looks at Italy as a dreamy and almost unalterable place that resounds that of Calvino, Morandi, De Chirico.


Photo-essays / Federico Clavarino



In transplanting familiar edifices in the midst of upheaval, within landscapes often barren of life, Pouria Khojastehpay manipulates a degraded and dystopian atmosphere.


Photo-essays / Pouria Khojastehpay

Changing Landscape

Travelling from Suez to the Sudanese border, Barbara Rossi investigates the landscape transformations and urbanization along the Red Sea coast of Egypt.




Behind the scenes

In his latest instalment, Alastair Philip Wiper takes us inside Wooltex in Huddersfield, the textile mill of textile manufacturer Kvadrat, finding out the unintentional beauty in the infrastructure.




Tokyo without architects

Jan Vranovský observes the “diagram of forces” in Japanese cities, full of unexpected combinations and details, formed spontaneously as a breathing architectural ecosystem. 


Photo-essays / Jan Vranovský

Urban self-portraits

ZAquadrato, the young photographers and brothers Zandri, shot selfies in some of the most well-known Rome’s buildings with an old tecnique, thanks to an App, and give back a faint city.


Photo-essays / ZAquadrato