Specials - Domus

Prêt à travailler: workaholic holograms

Holograms of human figures are appearing increasingly often in airports as virtual assistants. And they may also be introduced in various commercial activities. But, as Joanne McNeil inquires, what kind of empathy can these humanoids expect to establish with their users?


Design / Joanne McNeil


DomusMéxico Mixtape #6: the sound of the quotidian

In his mixtape, graphic designer and musician Matilda Manzana permeates between oniric fantasies and the quotidian, mixing experimental indie rock sounds, Icelandic post-rock, and 50s pop music.


Specials / Óscar Rodríguez

Under the bonnet of the Internet

“Chrome Web Lab”, an interactive exhibit at the London Science Museum, presents the invisible fabric of the Internet as embodied in the world. Rory Hyde spoke to its creators, and discovers a version of where the Web may be headed next.


Design / Rory Hyde


Domus México Mixtape #5: The Sound of Nuevo Norte

Siete Catorce's version of the New North arrives from Mexicali, in a soundtrack filled with contrasts. This is a mysterious but festive mixtape, much like the desert that at night becomes a sea of lights.


Mixtapes / Siete Catorce


Domus México Mixtape #4: The Sound of Bamerette

Picaresque rhythms subtracted from old vinyls and golden age ghosts come together in a mixtape by Carlos Icaza, aka Tropicaza, reconstructing echoes of the footsteps on the dance floor of legendary Hotel Bamer nightclub Bamerette.


Mixtapes / Tropicaza

Domus México Mixtape #3: The Sound of Atlacomulco

The birthplace of president Enrique Peña Nieto and infamous Grupo Atlacomulco, in the State of Mexico, inspires this mixtape by LAO, which mixes advanced techno and contextual beats worthy of the disorder and intrinsic dynamism of this new, posturban heart of Mexico.


Mixtapes / LAO