Reviews - Domus

Electronic Renaissance

We encountered Bill Viola at the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition retracing his entire career. He talks about his work and his relationship with Florence, where art is all-pervasive and becomes therapeutic.


Art / Beatrice Zamponi


Miroslaw Balka

“Crossover/s” – the Miroslaw Balka exhibition at HangarBicocca in Milan – starts and ends with a yellow line, tracing a ghostly intersection within which all the other 18 works are arranged.


Art / Ilaria Bombelli

A Wunderkammer for Collectors

Some considerations on the future of design after the whirlwind of Miart and the Salone. How are roles, channels and interactions being redefined in a complex and increasingly articulated chain of production and consumption?  


Art / Raffaella Poletti


Learning from Athens

“Learning from Athens” is a mantra that is constantly being challenged, especially by those who experience the city every day and rather wonder what we are supposed to learn from Documenta.


Art / Martina Angelotti


En toute chose

The new season at the Palais de Tokyo is focused on our relationship with “things”: the show aims to indentify contexts that orbit around the idea of the object without saying the actual word.


Art / Ivo Bonacorsi

Architecture under Judgement

On display at the RIBA in London are two different schemes for one site: the Mansion House Square by Mies van der Rohe, and Number One Poultry by James Stirling. They show how difficult it is for architecture to be non-political.


Architecture / Francesco Zuddas