Are you with us?

In September’s editorial Nicola Di Battista underlines which the ultimate meaning of a magazine is: the luxury of reflecting on what is necessary to better practise the architect’s profession.




The moral conscience of architecture

Lorenzo Pignatti analyses the Evidence Room installation at the Venice Biennale and reflects on the moral extremes of architecture and the provision of professional skills for crime.


Architecture / Lorenzo Pignatti

Pokémon Go

Some thoughts on the app that has outshone Twitter and WhatsApp in just ten days and, by creating a parallel geography of urban space, prompts users to view reality through different eye.


Design / Stefania Garassini

If anyone can do anything

In July–August Domus issue, Nicola Di Battista affirms that the conditions are now right once again to allow architecture to drive a better use of the territory and construction, more in keeping with our resources and expectations.  




Time to act

In June’s Domus editorial Nicola Di Battista affirms that architecture must be describable and that a project should always belong to a theoretical apparatus that determines and sustains it.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista

A gift to Milan

In May editorial Nicola Di Battista affirms that the Lombard capital is once again expressing a sentiment that can also be quickly transmitted to the ever-increasing numbers of people flocking to visit the numerous initiatives and the many cultural events offered by the city.