Does architecture criticism matter?

Criticism may seem somewhat irrelevant to any talk about “starchitecture”, however architecture critics might ever so gradually help to form and reform the public opinion.


Op-ed / Joseph Rykwert

Inhabiting mediated space

By paying attention to shifting models of mediated space at the beginning of the 21st century, architects might learn from media studies some new ways to consider how mediation impacts the way we live now.


Op-ed / Richard Grusin

An art of living

Florian Beigel and Philip Christou of the Architectural Research Unit describe their ideas on architecture that inform their projects: from the relationship with history to the bond with the city.


Op-ed / Florian Beigel, Philip Christou

The artistic production of shared spaces

"Placemaking" marched into the glossary of expressions linked to public art before stretching its boundaries to northern-European artistic practice and subsequently the so-called Global South.


Op-ed / Giusy Checola

Deconstruction of a modern myth

In conjunction with an exhibition at the Palais d'Iéna on Auguste Perret’s work we publish thoughts on the French master’s contribution to theory and design.


Op-ed / Elisa Poli

A way of creating value

Thoughts on the relationship between design and industry, where the balance between ethics and market represents one of biggest current and future challenges, from Europe to the rest of the world.


Design / Stefano Marzano

Re-Using the Abandoned Landscape

An emerging Italian network brings together expertise and proposals that go beyond the specific architecture, to reuse the enormous wealth of abandoned buildings from recurring tools and the involvement of local communities.


Op-ed / Rossella Ferorelli, Alessandro Cariello

In memoriam

Dismantling the pavilion designed by Toyo Ito after more than seven years of long political debate,  Bruges continues to question the meaningfulness of contemporary architecture in historical urban centres. And the result is a step backwards in time.


Op-ed / Matthias Van Rossen

Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox?

The conference “Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox?” held at the Yale School of Architecture, introduced a series of panels to unpack some of the seeming contradictions in displaying architecture and to explore new forays for curatorial agency.


Op-ed / Simon Pennec

Towards an Agonistic Architecture

With a vibrant and concerned manifesto, British critic and historian Kenneth Frampton presents an ethical wake-up call, not just for architects.


Architecture / Kenneth Frampton

Designing Smart Open Cities

Designing Smart Open Cities

Cities are preparing to accommodate the influx of people during the 21st century: they need to be not only smart but also open, to all.


Digital Ideas for Expo City 2015 / Reed Duecy-Gibbs

The Nationalist Library

Shouldn't a state project — the National Library of Israel — be by and for its citizens and subjects? Should it not include and serve the Palestinians in Israel and those Palestinians incarcerated only a few kilometres away and barred by the wall from accessing the building?


Op-ed / Eyal Weizman