A gift to Milan

In May editorial Nicola Di Battista affirms that the Lombard capital is once again expressing a sentiment that can also be quickly transmitted to the ever-increasing numbers of people flocking to visit the numerous initiatives and the many cultural events offered by the city.



Domus, Evviva

In April’s editorial, Nicola Di Battista affirm that Domus is a magazine for architectural design and not about architectural design: meaning that he is no less interested in the end-product of that design than he is in the theoretical and practical work that underpins it.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista

The future is now

In February’s editorial Nicola Di Battista sees in the young generations in dialogue with the masters the possibility of a radical change.




What future for Italian architecture

In January editorial, Nicola di Battista confronts the MAXXI architecture collection with the exhibition “Comunità Italia” at Milan Triennale to state the need of a more clear and shared language for the Italian architecture.


Editorial / Nicola Di Battista


Between public and private: the Syrian crisis as seen from Beirut

Beirut, with its multi-polar geography, remains a theatre of conflict and local micro-wars; it is a city in need of a new housing policy – as the Syrian refugee crisis has revealed.


Architecture / Stefano Corbo

Polis and Climate Change Policy

COP 21 in Paris ended in a positive agreement, more for recognising the climate change problem than for its immediate effect but since many years city networks are working in the right direction. Even in contrast with central government policies and private interests.


Architecture / Maria Luisa Palumbo