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Enorme Studio, Schlickeysen modular furniture, 2017

Schlickeysen bricks

Inspired by the German machinery manufacturer Carl Schlickeysen who first patented the Brickmaking machine, Enorme Studio created a colourful furniture system.



Enorme Studio created a modular furniture system based on two types of modular metal supports and standard-sized clay curved vaults. The result is a wide range of configurations, from the combination of these three elements: picnic tables continuous benches, grandstands and many more typologies can be achieved by just stacking the metal supports and adding the bricks.


Schlickeysen is the first prototype of the Bovedilla Series research, initiated by Enorme to promote the use of industrialized brick pieces applied to furniture. It has been fabricated for Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid, and used as temporary furniture arrangement to provide space for activities at the Gastrofestival 2017 and afterwards included as part of the Centre’s permanent furniture collection. The name was chosen after Carl Schlickeysen, the German machinery manufacturer who in 1855 issued the “Universal Patent Brickmaking Machine”, the first machine created to manufacture bricks by extrusion as an industrial process.

Enorme Studio, Schlickeysen modular furniture, 2017

Enorme Studio, Schlickeysen modular furniture, 2017

Design: Enorme Studio
Collaborators: Elise Weegels, Derek Oliveira, Bennedikte Vefling, Catherine Grillo, Sofía Martínez
Construction: Carrsa, Enorme Studio
Year: 2017